My Three Amigos

These three keep me laughing so hard. And fighting back tears at times too. Parenting to three kids is not easy but it is so worth it. Every second of life with these three is a blessing. They make me stronger, happier and more fulfilled than anything else in this world. I literally believe parenting saved me. It’s made me less selfish and more patient. Ryan, too. He is truly the rock of this family and the reason we are all sane. On this Valentine’s Day, I’m counting these people as the reason my life is so filled with love.

Kelsey’s 8th Birthday Party + Peter Rabbit Movie

Kelsey turned eight! It’s always nice when your birthday falls on a Friday, especially for kids. She went to the daddy daughter dance with Ryan and then came home to ice cream cake with her brothers and I. On Sunday, we took nine kids to the movies! Eight of her friends and her little brother, Colton. We went out for pizza first and then we were off to see Peter Rabbit (such an adorable kids movie!).

I say this every year, but where is the time going? When she was little I remember looking to Ryan and wondering what she would be like when she grew up. What would her voice sound like? Who would she look like? What would her personality be like? She is truly one of a kind. She is playing piano, loves to read (I mean LOVES to read), she’s athletic, smart, kind and has so many friends. She gives her mom more attitude than she gives dad, but that’s to be expected. She is my daughter, after all. ha.

She’s incredible. I am blessed beyond words to be her mother.

Mornings with Magnolia

Let’s just say it has taken me twelve days to finish this magazine. Mostly because there is a child that needs me the minute I sit down. I’ve been doing Orange Theory in the evenings and by the time I get home I really just want to crash. So, on the twelfth day of opening this magazine, I finally finished it! Phew. It was a good one, go pick it up if you’re looking for great spring brunch recipes and home decor inspiration. Subscribe here >

Sharing Stories with The Glossary Phoenix

The Glossary joined forces with Local Nomad to bring together some pretty remarkable women this morning. My friends and I went and listed to Christina from New Darlings talk about her rise to social success, Teresa from Camelback Flower Shop and other great creative women sharing their success stories. As a woman entrepreneur myself, it’s always great when you can surround yourself with like-minded ladies who have been there, done that.

They set up shop, literally, inside this cute boutique. I had to try to keep my focus because while the panelist were talking, I found myself looking around at all of this cute merchandise. Did you know that I always wanted to own my own retail store? When I graduated college, I moved to Orange County and it was my dream to open concept boutiques all along the Pacific coast.

I was about to go for it when my passion took me in a new direction. I ended up choosing a career in marketing (which I wouldn’t imaging doing anything else) but fashion has always been my first love. Today was a great morning with some great women – below are some pictures so you can see what I mean about how incredibly cute this boutique is!

Follow The Glossary to see if there are any future events like this in your area. It’s a great place to meet other creatives just like you!

Evening Walks in our New Hood

One of the main reasons we moved was because our old house was set against a bit of a busy road. The street in front of our house was one of those streets that people would use to cut through neighborhoods. Typically, going a bit over the normal 25 MPH. We would go on evening walks and I would have to bite my tongue from yelling at cars driving by (so fast!). It made me nervous to think my kids would learn to ride a bike on a street like that.

We moved into a gated area at the base of a mountain and it’s so incredibly quiet! We just went on a walk/ bike ride / scooter / wagon (three kids all want different methods of transportation) and we didn’t see a single car! I’m still a bit of a nervous Nelly though seeing these kids on their bikes. Ryan has to keep reminding me that they are kids and it’s okay if they are riding their bikes more than an arms reach from me. ha. I can’t help it though. There’s something about being a mom that makes you want to always surround your kids, as if you are their protective bubble that will keep them from harm.

I realize they are getting older and letting them go is part of the gig, but for now, allowing them to ride their bike as far as the mailbox is a big step for me. ha. Here are a few pictures from our winter walk. Aren’t the desert flowers beautiful?

We wear Santa hats, helmets and carry giant sticks when we hike. You too?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know this face very well. It’s Kelsey’s resting face and I love it. Such a sassy one.

Caught! Nolan and the Christmas Tree

I was doing the laundry this afternoon when I heard Nolan talking to the Christmas tree. I got closer only to find that this little super hero of mine was taking off the ornaments and telling them where they should go instead. He was literally re-arranging the tree! It was the cutest thing. Well .. until he started putting the candy cane ornament in his mouth. Don’t you just love this age? He makes every day a blessing.

This generation, I swear

This past Sunday afternoon, we watched Sing while baby Nolan napped. The music in this movie is incredibly catchy. While the kids were indulging, I was watching these two on my iMac thinking that they are truly going to run technology laps around Ryan and I. They already know how to work the iPad better than I do and they tell me features about my iPhone that I didn’t even know existed. I hope the world is ready for this generation.

I can’t wait to see how they evolve and how technology plays a role in their future. I have a theory that since they are surrounded by social media (hello, Instagram mom!) they will almost remove themselves completely from it. I think they will take a different approach to social media than my generation has (we really have embraced it and almost over saturated our lives with it) while I believe my kids generation will likely rebel against it. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. What do you think?

What Wedding Dreams are Made Of

Last night, we attended the wedding of Andrea and Roy and it was truly picture perfect. The Arizona sky gave us clouds (amen!) and every detail was perfectly positioned to allow the bride to shine! Sam at Revel Wedding Co. did such an incredible job and you could see the love between these two. I couldn’t be happier that Andrea gets to spend her ever after with the man of her dreams. Congrats you two!


My handsome date and I waiting for the wedding. We were the first ones to arrive. A night out with kids? You don’t have to twist our arms.

Roy proposed to Andrea in Central Park – this was such a clever way for people to sign the guest book and commemorate this special day.

Sam, only the best wedding planner in Arizona! Check out Revel Wedding Co. to see all of her work.

These girls mean way too much for me to put into words. We all met in marketing at Starwood Hotels & Resorts and are forever friends. We have seen each other through so many professional (and personal) highs and lows and couldn’t imagine life without one another to lean on.

She’s seven months pregnant and glowing!!

That time your dress matched the invitations! Melissa and I purchased our dresses through Rent the Runway. Have you tried it? If not, give it a whirl – we had a great first experience.

Now, I’m off to play with my kids in the park and recover from a night out. We got home at 11:30pm! You guys, that might as well be 3am in parent time. A nap is in order!