Baby Watch Continues


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We’re still on baby watch over here. Seven days and counting. It’s about this point that everyone (including myself) sits on pins and needles wondering how (and when) this pregnancy will end. We’re all ready to meet Nolan Ryan and I’m ready to say “sayanora pregnancy!”

Last night my brother was in town from Austin, Texas for work so he swung by to see the kids. He’s still terrified of holding kids (remember this?) so we had him kneel for a photo instead. I admit, I look like a giant house in this picture, but it was too cute to pass up – Kelsey was pretending she was a mom too.

Magformers Discount + a Giveaway!

Magformers Giveaway

Now that Kelsey is in kindergarten, Ryan and I have gotten more snooty when it comes to her education. We want to make sure she’s getting the best education that she can – and with that comes the responsibility to make learning fun.

Kelsey loves playing with toys that allow her to build, construct and make things happen. Add that to the fact that my husband is pro “we need more women engineers in this world” and I introduce to you Magformers.

To me, Magformers is like a blend between building blocks, magnets and Legos, and they are designed to help kids with brain development. What a cool concept! Apparently, parents already know about these toys and I’m the last to the party because when I talked to some mom friends of mine they said, “My kids love those things!”

With that affirmation, Kelsey and I just had to try them out.

Magforners Kids Smart Toy small

Magformers Engineer Kids Toys

We were given the Magformers 100 piece Inspire set (with LED lights) for review. My daughter is a bit picky so I was hesitant at first, but this set is available in pretty pastel colors – colors that attract girls to them. You know, attracts, like magnets. Bad pun?

In all seriousness, I picked up Kelsey from school the other day and I had this box of Magformers waiting for her in the car. She immediately picked up the box, pointed to the front cover and shouted, “Wow! Mom, this looks like Elsa’s castle!”

When we started digging in, we realized 100 pieces is just the right amount. Some for Kelsey to play with and some to set aside for her two-year old brother to keep busy while she builds.

Magformers Kids Toys - Girls Inspire Set 100 piece

Magformers Engineer Kids Toys for Girls

This particular set comes with two LED lights too so you can attach them to what you build and watch your construction light up (trust me, this is a really cool kid feature). The package comes with a easy-to-read idea booklet with cool things to build – from castles, to a hot air balloon, to Cinderella’s slipper! That one is my favorite.

Don’t worry if you have boys though – Magformers come in a rainbow-colored set that I’m sure has different building options inside that are more gender neutral. In fact, we’re giving away one of these rainbow sets to a lucky reader. More on that as you scroll down.

Magformers Kids Toys

Kids Toys
She was building the hot air balloon. Super cool because you attach the LED light to the “basket” at the bottom and watch it rotate between red, blue, green, purple and white colors. I think the light is the best part. She is so serious when she is thinking hard.

Magformers Kids Toys we love

They tell me this toy is good for ages 6 and up, but my daughter is 5 and loved it! When she started playing with Magformers she immediately said, “Mom. I’m going to do this every day.” I giggled. If only … Below are some perks just for following along. Please enjoy this promotion code when you shop on the Magformers website and a little product giveaway, all courtesy of Magformers.

20% discount, just for you!

I would 100% recommend this toy for others. In fact, I’m super pleased to share that Magformers is giving you 20% off whichever set you like! You just have to purchase by 9/3 and use BLOG20 discount code at checkout. Here’s a link to shop on their website. Discount code expires 9/3/15 and is only valid on the website.

Giveaway! Enter to win a 62 piece Rainbow Set ($99 value)


Magformers Rainbow Set

This is what the 62 piece rainbow set looks like and retails for $99. Simply follow the instructions below and you’ll be entered to win the Rainbow Magformers. Enter with your email address or Facebook log in (this is only required so I can contact you if you win). Get bonus entry points for commenting on this blog post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update 9/1: Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner, who was chosen randomly in partnership with Rafflecopter is TABITHA!! A huge shout out to Magformers for sponsoring this post and product giveaway. 

Ker Plunk! What’s Old is New Again

ker plunk kids toys

ker plunk game for kids
ker plunk game for kids
ker plunk game for kids
ker plunk kids toys

Do you remember Ker Plunk? I saw it at Target yesterday and had to have it. I loved this game as a kid. Kelsey and I spent all morning battling over a few marbles. For the record, this child is really good at this game. Her strategy? She only pulls out the “Christmas colored sticks” – so essentially, I’m stuck with all the yellows while she gets to choose between the red and green sticks. Hey, that might be the key to the game because she won nearly every time. She got a little feisty and confident after a few wins.

Children’s Travel Book

Chidrens travel book1
Childrens Travel Books


Since I work for a hotel company, it was perfectly fitting that my co-workers surprised me with this children’s travel book for Nolan. It’s a book on New York City, one of my favorite places.

All of my co-workers wrote a note to Nolan on the inside cover. The sweetest messages such as, “without travel, we would have never met your mom …” along with words like, “someday when you are older, I bet your mom will take you here with your brother and sister so you can see the city for yourself” and “hopefully this book inspires you to travel and explore new places.”

I can’t wait to read this book (and these sweet notes) to Nolan. I know his sister and brother are going to love pointing to all of the pictures and helping him read it too. This book gets me so excited for all of the places we’ll go as a family of five.

Thank you to my Starwood family for being so thoughtful!

Baby Boy Celebratory Breakfast


We had a bright, baby boy brunch at Scottsdale’s Morning Squeeze this morning! My co-workers and I gathered around for iced coffee, Eggs Benedict, omelets, strawberry crepes and double chocolate ganache cake! Yes, cake at 9am.

You see, sometimes your co-workers turn into great friends and that’s the case with mine. My Starwood marketing family truly outdid themselves this morning as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Nolan and my colleague, Nancy’s soon-to-be son.

baby shower brunch

Two cakes for two babies on the way! We have to give credit where credit is due. Andrea is our resident baker. Isn’t she amazing? She did Dayna’s baby shower cake too (seen here) and even came prepared with to-go boxes! Not joking. I literally took home half of this cake. I may have already dabbled in a second piece. Shh.

baby shower

They gifted us soft swaddle blankets, the cutest honest diapers, and a little somethin’ somethin’ just for mom. Hello, Nordstrom. The most important part was we were all together. It’s actually pretty amazing that I’ve celebrated all three kids with this group. 7 years at a company and some of these ladies have seen me through all of these babies.

I have 13 days until my due date. The panic is starting to sink in a bit – are you ever ready? Even if this is my third child, there’s really no good way to prepare yourself for a new human to come into your life. However, I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. And moments like this one just make it feel more real.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dayna, Melissa, Andrea(s), Allison, Brittany, Nancy, Dani, Kristina, Tania, Heidi, Meagan, Jill and Karla. You really know how to make a girl feel blessed. Nolan is a lucky little guy.

A Dog and his Red Ball

summer days

Our dog has a weird obsession with this red ball. When this red ball is around, nothing else matters. He is fixated! He loves this thing. I swear, if this red ball ever left our house, this dog would wander the entire state of Arizona looking for it.

Tonight, as the kids were swimming, Ryan took the red ball away so we could attempt a photo with Logan (our dog). He literally bolted so fast that he knocked the kids off of the float in search of getting his ball back. Look at those eyes. He’s determined!

chocolate lab

19 Days to Go

many hats of a mom blog

Less than three weeks before my due date! I can’t tell you how ready we are. I just want to see Nolan’s face! And cuddle. And smell him. And kiss him. Hug him. Feed him. Love him. I see people on social media posting pictures of their babies all of the time and it makes me that much more anxious to meet mine.

Our dear friends, The Barker’s, hosted a sweet little “sprinkle” for Nolan last weekend. A sprinkle is a mini baby shower, and typically what you do after you’ve already had a child already. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

The kids played outside in the scorching 105 heat with a bunch of water toys and an inflatable kids pool. Well, most the kids. Colton got sunscreen in his eye, so he decided to stay inside with his mama and eat all of the bagels, sausage and other breakfast treats. Can’t say I blame him, it was good stuff. Here are a few pictures from our day.

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog
All I wanted was a picture with these two together, but Colton decided that wasn’t necessary. Kelsey tried to help and kept picking him up and carrying him over to the bed. As you can see, we didn’t get a picture of them sitting down – but, that’s okay – I think this one is much better anyway. I can’t believe we’ll be adding another personality to the mix soon. Nolan, we’re ready for you!

Baby Gift Idea: A Baby Bundle

freshly picked baby bundle

I was super lucky to receive this wonderful “bringing home baby bundle” from Love Taza and Freshly Picked. I didn’t capture a picture of all of the items, but what’s important is the bundle includes:

  • Custom grey crib moccs
  • A comfortable robe for Mom (I’m living in this already!)
  • Cozy socks for mom
  • Swaddle for baby
  • Hat for baby
  • All items wrapped in a bag that can be used as a laundry bag

The items come in gray (that’s what I got), pink, blue and sunshine yellow. I paired mine with a little onesie that I hope will fit my new bundle. I was at the doctor last week for an ultra sound and Nolan is already measuring over 7lbs. Yikes! Which means, another big bundle is coming my way soon! So, if you have an expecting mom in your life, check out this baby gift idea – it’s $140 and guaranteed to please. Trust me. Again, that robe. So incredibly comfortable.