Más fotos de la ciudad de México

J&G Grill Mexico City
In no particular order, be prepared to be overwhelmed with photos from our marketing trip to Mexico City. Between all of the drinks, sitting all day, and the amazing food (no seriously, check out the food), I think I gained 10 extra lbs. Our team organized “fun runs” in the morning (do those words go together?) and yoga but I clearly did not take advantage of those events. Enjoy the pics!

I love the black and white image of Lauren with the whiskey. Do you know how many tries it took us non-Spanish speaking individuals to ask for whiskey with no ice. Rather, how many tries it took our waiter to get this one right. We had to take a picture to commemorate the occasion when we finally figured it out. How pretty are those twinkly lights? The perfect setting to end a great day.

Stop being so perfect, J&G Grill. You had me at your avocado pizza. Then I fell in love with you over a plate of your sashimi. If that wasn’t enough, you went on to serve me octopus that looked like that! Not to mention your super cool interior design and beautiful city view … just stop it right now.

And then there were chair massages. Yes, the St. Regis provided chair massages in between meetings. I’m telling you … this working mom gig isn’t all bad. You get to listen to some really great speakers and then you get the stress beat out of you. Not bad.

mexico city
You want to know if I went outside of the hotel, don’t you? The answer is no. But I did look out the window (and went to this museum). Notice anything in the photo above? How about the fact that everyone seems to be driving a different way. No judgment passed, it’s just not a traffic jam I want to find myself in the middle of. That, and the fact that I was a little hesitant to travel to Mexico. “It’s safe, it’s safe, it’s safe!” everyone says. I believe it. I just stayed in and lived vicariously through my colleagues who did all the cool stuff – museums, temples, the Mercado.

Mexico City
This was our welcome amenity. Are you seeing a theme here? Really good food. Sweet desserts. I gratefully gained 10lbs.

Mexico City
I have no idea how John managed to make this look like a selfie because I was taking the photo. But, props to him for that.


See that photo of Heidi with the coffee? Heidi was drinking the best coffee each morning - it was sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and looked so good. As she walked by I literally asked her to stop so I could smell her cup. That’s not creepy or anything because we know each other really well. (I gave up coffee over a year ago and I’m clearly still missing it.)

If you’re in Mexico City go to the W Hotel. It is in one of the coolest parts of town (Polanco) and has some of the most amazing cocktails you have ever seen. I didn’t drink any but I watched in awe as the servers made these drinks. Again, I swear we worked on this trip. We worked hard. But who really wants to see pictures of notebooks, presentations, and breakout sessions. Anyway, hope you enjoyed scrolling through my recent work adventure. Now it’s back to the office and back to the grind.

Children Soothe the Soul

I’m convinced that no one can possibly be in a bad mood when swinging with children. The complete joy that comes from being around two of my favorite kids, while swinging outdoors in the summer sun … what could possibly beat it? Ryan and I are still trying to figure out a way to quit our jobs, still make money the same amount of money and do nothing all day except play with these two. So far, we can’t figure out how to swing that (bad pun alert). Meanwhile, these photos are from our summer vacation in the mountains.


Museo Nacional de Antropología

Mexico city museum

Everyone said, “You’ve got to see the museums in Mexico!” So, we went. Now, I’ve never been one to love walking around looking at artifacts in a museum (just ask my family about when I was younger) but it was still amazing to hear about the rich history and to see all of the ancient pieces. Did you know this museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of archaeological artifacts from pre-Hispanic civilizations. Yep. Pretty cool to see.

The best part of the museum? The company. Our team split into thirds and went on private tours. Our tour guide was Nachi (as I write this, I’m not even sure if that is his name, but we’ll just assume it is) and he was hilarious. He kept us all in line … literally. Nachi also made sure to tell us about every. single. artifact. For two hours! As he was talking, he would slip in something totally random here and there that made you scratch your head. Like when he was talking about an old home and then somehow started talking about his hair and how its “a permanent and its real.” Why, thank you sir.

I may have wanted to throw an adult tantrum half way through the tour, only because it was sooooo long, but it’s all good. We had some great laughs and learned more about the culture that makes up Mexico. Plus, we had some downtime to just hang out and chat outside prior to it raining. Fun fact: I am from Arizona and rarely get to use my umbrella. It started to sprinkle and so in all of my excitement I grabbed my umbrella only to find it had three large holes in it. Lovely. The girls from Chicago looked at me like I was crazy for keeping it. But hey, it never rains in Arizona, guys!

mexico city museum

mexico city museum

The Upside of Work Travel

Traveling for work isn’t always glamorous. You have to deal with long airport security lines, horrible cab rides and really long days (and nights) in meetings, conferences and pitching your business case. Not to mention the emotional stuff us mothers deal with when we have to leave our little kids behind. Missing my kids and family is the #1 reason I don’t love traveling each month. But here’s the upside: Meeting new people, traveling to new places, exploring amazing hotels, and working for a company that fuels my creative drive.

Let’s not forget the fact that you get to sleep through the night without a child climbing into your bed or a baby screaming. Someone else makes your bed and your daily schedule revolves around adult stuff (also see: Not having to watch Jake & the Neverland Pirates when all you want to do is veg out and relax). So while I sometimes get super exhausted (like last week when I was in Mexico City and San Diego), I truly love what I do and being a full-time working mom is part of my DNA.

Last week we stayed at The St. Regis Mexico City and it truly was a breathtaking hotel. When I show you these pictures you won’t believe we were working, but we were. I swear. This is the smartest group of brand marketers that I know. People that were born for this stuff. The room was filled with over 200 creative talents, strategic thinkers, analytic minds and truly marketing geeks like me.

This is a peek into our conference room where most of our meetings were held. Notice the color in the room? The room kept changing colors, perhaps this is some ploy to keep your mind alert when you’re in a room for 8 hours a day, but whatever the reason, it was super cool. And check out that chandelier? My eyes were immediately drawn to it. The St. Regis ballroom has my vote for the coolest meeting space I’ve been in. Here’s a little peek into this work trip, I’ll post more photos soon!

Pizza I can’t stop craving

Last week took me to Mexico City for work. I stayed at the St. Regis Mexico City and couldn’t have been better taken care of. Out of all the luxury amenities at this resort, my co-workers and I were all a buzz over the avocado pizza at J&G Grill. In fact, I am STILL thinking about it. It was that good. Just look at it! Someone please find the recipe and share it with me.

J&G Grill Mexico City

The Best Resort (and drinks) in Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

I had a business meeting at the Hotel del Coronado last week. It was my first time at this historic resort. At first glance, I kind of felt like I was on a Disney cruise – with all of the kids running around, but then I got the reason why: The Del is a safe and beautiful place, steps from the beach. The amount of activities for kids (and adults) is unreal.

Hotel Del coronado

They have somewhere between six different restaurants, a comedy club (Laugh Factory), spa and a ton of little shops. Plus, it’s a true Southern California staple. The resort was beautiful, charming and exuded so much character. I will definitely be back to the resort … only next time, I’ll ditch the laptop back for a diaper bag and bring my family along for the ride.

hotel del hotel

We had dinner at Eno Pizza & Wine bar at the Del and I had some of the best gluten-free pizza to-date. It was topped with fennel  sausage and charred broccoli and was the perfect compliment to a cool glass of wine, great conversation and a beachside sunset. I introduced Kelly to the art of taking a picture of everything you see. It’s true. I’m guilty.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Hotel Del 12
I wish I had more time because their Sheerwater restaurant looked pretty cute too. Prior to dinner we had cocktails at Sunset Bar. The group and I sipped on lavender lemonade, blackberry margaritas and white wine before calling it a night at the Laugh Factory (where we saw Biff from Back to the Future perform). I vote for all business meetings to end this way.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel