National Teacher Appreciation Day 2014

It’s Tuesday, May 6th. Don’t forget to show your teacher some appreciation. We usually get the kids’ teachers a little gift card or something sweet. I love this idea of taking a new (and delicious) approach to the traditional apple. Make caramel dip, place it in a 1/2 pint mason jar, topped with an apple. Simple and oh-so sweet. Recipe & directions here >

teacher gifts

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The real deal captured in a photo

I found this gem hidden away in my outtakes folder. This was after school’s Spring Fling. We were having a moment. You know, a sweet moment when your daughter hides her face out of spite because you are the meanest mom ever and your son squirms with all of his might to get as far away from you as possible. I love sweet moments like this, don’t you?


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They just won’t stop

Growing! And it’s really cool and crazy to watch. As I watched Kelsey push the world’s ugliest baby doll around the backyard, I couldn’t help but wonder where the time goes. I mean, just look at her! She’s like a little adult. I just can’t handle that. And then there’s Colton (who had to do what she was doing, even if that meant pushing a pink shopping cart around). Why is he so big? Where is the time going!

mom blogmom blogmom blogmom blogmom blogmom blogmom blogmom blog mom blog
And that face, right there, is the ‘tude I got all weekend. :)

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When you get parenting blues

What do you do when you get parenting blues? It happens, right? It’s a real thing, isn’t it? Yesterday was that day for me. For whatever reason I was in a funk that I couldn’t get out of. Maybe it was Colton’s neediness that threw me over the edge or the 1,000 times that Kelsey disobeyed me and threw me attitude.

Or maybe the fact that I’m starving (dieting to get rid of this extra baby weight). Or the horrible sleep I had the night before: I fell asleep on the bottom bunk of a kids twin bed (apparently I passed out while tucking Kelsey in at night). I only found out because at 5am she said, “Mom, give me back my pillow.”

Whatever it was, I’m sure glad this weekend is over. Don’t get me wrong; I value every moment with my kids but this weekend came with parenting blues and I just need a minute to reset and try again. I even volunteered to make the Costco run this afternoon. You know its bad when you would rather be at Costco fighting the crowds.

Meanwhile, Kelsey wears a school uniform now and it’s the cutest thing you have ever seen.

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A Weekend of Adventure Ahead

I have a feeling this weekend will be filled with discovery and adventure, just like every weekend before us. These two little people fill our lives with such joy. We start super early (thanks, guys) and don’t end until they decided to call it a day. Ryan and I are exhausted every moment but so fulfilled as well. Life with two just keeps getting better and better.

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Half work, half play in Santa Fe

I travel a lot for work, but this work trip was different. I decided to take my mom along for the ride. Mostly because I wanted to make a mini girls trip out of it (in the hustle and bustle of life, my mom and I don’t get to do this much anymore) and because Santa Fe holds a special place in our hearts.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico – only moving to Scottsdale, Arizona when I was 14. So whenever I see the colors of Santa Fe (as seen in the Navajo blankets, the turquoise, the red chile ristras, the adobe buildings) it makes me feel really nostalgic.

I worked most of the time but mom and I did spend a lot of time walking the historic Plaza, window shopping and eating at all of the great restaurants this city has to offer. And don’t feel too bad for mom because while I was in morning meetings, she was getting pampered with a signature spa treatment at La Posada de Santa Fe. And from what she described, a visit to the spa while you’re in Santa Fe should be on the top of your list!

We walked the historic plaza and saw so many indigenous things. My favorite part was the Native American Indians selling their jewelry and pottery in the plaza. Everything was handmade and authentic (and expensive!). My mom says you can barter them down but I wasn’t in the mood for that so we just window shopped. Here are some pictures from our quick trip to Santa Fe.

santa fe new mexico

la posada de santa fe resort

la posada de santa fe resortla posada de santa fe resort
santa fe new mexicosanta fe new mexcio resort

We stayed at the La Posada de Santa Fe resort. Every room is casita-style and completely unique from the other. You truly feel like you are apart of Santa Fe when you stay here. The property dates back to the 19th century as it was first constructed in 1882.

It’s a darling love story of how it was built (Abraham Staab built this grand house for his wife, Julia Staab). She loved to entertain high society and was always the life of the party. The original Staab house is still on property as the resorts bar. It’s truly a charming hotel and one worth staying at while in town.

We spent Tuesday walking the Historic Plaza. We loved the history, the Indian jewelry and pottery, and indulging in the great food. We had lunch at The Shed, window shopped and took a peek inside the glorious Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi.

the shed restaurant santa fe dining santa fe indian market Santa Fe New Mexico potterysanta fe new mexicosanta fe new mexicosanta fe new mexicoSee the dragon? He wrapped around the entire building.

santa fe santa fesanta fe santa fesanta fesanta fesanta fe santa fe santa fe santa feThen we went to dinner at the Four Seasons and had way too much amazing food before calling it a night. The best part about this trip was all of the funny moments we had along the way.

The journey to find a Starbucks (evidently they are not easy to find in New Mexico), the hundred times I curled up like a baby on my mom’s shoulder during the flight because I hate turbulence, or how we realized half way to the airport that the trunk was open. Oh mom … never a dull moment.

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My (Little) Corporate Helper

Kelsey stopped by my office the other day, we were on our way to her first Spring Training game. I had a work event that I needed to be at, so I decided Kelsey and I would make a date out of it. But first … she had to write me some to-do’s on the white board. That meant erasing all of the real deadlines that I had up there. Ever wish you could take your child with you to work every day? Me too.

office design

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Desert Living and Sunset Walks

Arizona is a pretty beautiful place. I’m pretty sure we take it for granted. The desert plants that bloom year-round are just gorgeous. We decided to snap a few while on a family walk the other night. We need to walk more before it gets to be 100+ degrees and we can’t do it anymore. Oh, and these plants you see … they all come from our neighbors yards. Pretty, aren’t they?

arizona mom blog arizona mom blog

arizona mom blog az mom blog az mom blogaz mom blog az mom blogarizona mom blogaz mom blog
arizona mom blogarizona mom blogarizona mom blogarizona mom blog arizona mom blog

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Learning Numbers with Cars

Do you have a car lover at home? Colton hasn’t gotten into them just yet, but I have a feeling cars will be all over the house in no time. I saw this idea online and thought it was worth sharing. Get your kids more familiar with numbers with this easy-do-it-yourself game.

All you need is a shallow box (like a pizza box), black marker to make a “parking lot,” and your kids’ favorite cars. You just give the parking spaces a number and label your cars (I used colored stickers). It was really fun to watch – Kelsey (my four-year-old) did it perfectly and enjoyed it. Colton (my one-year-old) just put the cars in the box and walked off.

Eh. Maybe next year.


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Little Mr. Silly Guy

Colton, you are the funniest person I know. You make me laugh in the most unexpected ways. Like this afternoon. You and I were hanging out while Dad and your sister went out to lunch. It was your nap time, but you refused to go upstairs and into your room. Instead, you wanted to play outside.

What was so ironic about this entire hour was the fact that you grabbed a patio chair cushion and carried it around, then set it down, then laid on top of it and pretended to sleep. You did this over and over, many times, taking your pillow to different parts of the patio. I sat there, watching you, laughing.

You do the funniest things. You know it too. Because you kept looking my way, giving me a little smerk. You know what you’re up to, don’t you kiddo? You just love giving mom a run for her money. I love that about you. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor or adventure. And don’t ever stop making the girls laugh – it’s like food for our soul.

Love you forever and always,

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mom blog

many hats of a mom blogmany hats of a mom blogmom blog

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