Kelsey Graduates Pre-K


I cried. I did. Although, I didn’t cry at her graduation, but rather on my way home from work yesterday, just thinking about her graduation. She’s getting so big, so quick and I am overwhelmed with pride when I think of all she has learned and done in her 5 years.

Graduation 2

That … and the fact that her teachers gave me this print out where she said she wants to be “mommy” when she grows up. Is there a better reward than that? This girl is so incredibly bright. So smart! She is going to run laps around me. PS – Look at all of her favorite colors. Ha. I think you’re just supposed to pick one, but whatever.

Graduation 3

Graduation 4

Seeing Colton watch with such endearment as his big sister got her diploma made my heart melt even more. And seeing him take flowers up to her as she performed on stage was the best. Even though parenting is tough work (many sleepless nights) you get moments like this where you think, we must be doing something right.

Sabrina’s California Bridal Shower

california bridal shower

Amongst all the bridesmaids (yep, there’s ten of them – two not pictured) and the gorgeous bride (center, in white) there are three little flower girls in this photo. Kelsey included. If this moment captured is any indication of how this wedding is going to go, Sabrina and my brother, Shaun, will have the wedding of the year!

It was such a beautiful weekend in Newport Beach, showering my soon to be sister-in-law with love and presents. My mom and I took Kelsey out for a girls-only weekend and in addition to the bridal shower, we found time to go to the beach, get mani/ pedis, shop and dine out with Sabrina’s family. More pictures to come, but for now – here are a few favorites from the bridal shower.

Seriously (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart) it was one of the best bridal showers I’ve been to. So much love & laughter. We were celebrating my brother’s future wife, after all, so that played a huge role in how amazing the day was for my mom and I.

bridal shower

bridal shower 13

bridal shower 2

bridal shower 6

bridal shower 3

bridal shower 12

bridal shower

bridal shower 7

bridal shower

bridal shower 4

The cutest Kate Spade bag you ever did see! One her best friends gave her this bag (she added the scarf) and you’re supposed to write in fabric pen your new last name. Great bridal shower gift idea!

Above this picture is Kelsey and her “new friends” – Taylor and Riley. They are also flower girls. Kelsey was super shy at first, but within about 20 minutes these girls were playing games by the pool and take pics with each other. See Riley trying to put her arm around Kelsey? Instant friends.

bridal shower 8

bridal shower 5

bridal shower 9

bridal shower 10

I love you so much Sabrina, but you totally sucked at the games. She got about 3 questions right from, “How well does my groom know me?” Here she is with a giant wad of bubble gum in her mouth (she had to chew a piece for every wrong answer) thinking about her next question.

bridal shower

And here we are, six months pregnant and counting. There’s no hiding this pregnancy anymore, Nolan was there in all his glory. This was truly a wonderful weekend. We are so thankful to all of Sabrina’s friends & family for making this a day to remember. Next up, the wedding!

Raindrops over Santa Fe

Last week, I went to Santa Fe for work. I’m hoping this is one of my last work trips because traveling with an extra load (a la a baby bump) isn’t the most glamorous. I stayed at La Posada de Santa Fe and took a few pictures one morning when it was raining. New Mexico rain is the best. It smells the best and always cools down the city. That, or I’ve been living in Arizona way too long and don’t know what a real rainstorm is anymore.

I can’t say La Posada de Santa Fe is the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed at, so don’t let the Luxury Collection sign on the door fool you: This is not a traditional luxury resort. But if you’re looking for an authentic Santa Fe experience, this is the place for you. The adobe guest rooms, the history, the kiva fireplaces and the art (oh, the art! It’s all over the walls) … it’s a very charming resort.

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

Montelucia Sunday Brunch

We celebrated my mom’s special day (mother’s day) one week early with a brunch at Montelucia. I brought some bubbles to bribe the kids with if they sat through brunch (it worked!). Colton ate his fair share of the buffet and Kelsey helped me pile on the capers with my breakfast (I can’t get enough of those things).

scottsdale brunch

brunch and babies

sunday scottsdale brunch

We celebrated Grandma too – she’s the ultimate mom. If not for her, this entire crazy crew wouldn’t be here. And on the right, those are comics my dad brought along. Since I can remember, he’s been cutting out comics from the Sunday paper that he finds funny (and relevant) and he gives them to us, or puts them up on his refrigerator. It’s nice to know some things never change.

summer in arizona

montelucia family resort


montelucia sunday

The pool was just too tempting. We stuck our feet in and hung out awhile. We wading in the pool until I was too hot to move. Colton wanted to walk back and forth on the steps about a gazillion times. It made me think – I’m definitely booking a summer staycation by the pool. If I didn’t have my iPhone in my pocket, I might have just ‘fallen’ in the pool when no one was looking - it looked that relaxing.

montelucia resort spa family scottsdale

montelucia resort

I know I say this a lot, but jeez – those two up there are just heaven in my life. She loves him so much and it’s so amazing to watch their relationship grow. I couldn’t do life without these two making me laugh and smile every single day.

arizona sunday

mom blog arizona

many hats of a mom blog

Look at Colton’s cheeks! This kid loves bubbles. He was doing this until he was red in the face. Then he started pouting because “the bubbles didn’t work anymore.” Also see: He spilled all the bubble solution on his shoes. It’s tough being two.

Happy Sunday!

Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies

I logged into Pinterest for the first time in years (it seems) and I saw this beautiful piece of dessert staring back at me. I’m pregnant, hungry all the time, and hot – so this refreshing dessert looks perfect for me. I’ll be making this something this week. Wish me luck. Recipe and link to more photos if you want to join me.

Key Lime Pie Recipe

All photos from Dana’s cooking blog.

What’s in a name

Ryan and I went through so many (so many!!) boy names before finding The One for our soon-to-be, second son. We analyzed everything. You can’t do Ross Cross, you can’t do Christian Cross (hi, religious), Ryan wanted two syllables since our last name has one and he was adamant that this name couldn’t also be a girl name (see: Peyton, Reagan, etc.). Ryan had so many requests that I’m amazed we finally picked one.

These were some close runner ups:

  • Hudson
  • Jameson
  • Carter (Although Carter Cross is a mouth full of r’s)
  • Noah
  • Spencer (My top pick! Only, it’s my brother’s name and Kelsey kept reminding us, “We already have a Spencer.”)

We finally found a name that we love. It’s a name that my father-in-law introduced us to. We heard it and were intrigued. The only issue was, we knew this boy’s middle name would be Ryan, after his dad. And together, there is already a very famous baseball player with this name. Can we do that? Can we give our son a name that someone famous already has? At first, we weren’t sure.

Then, we looked up what this name meant. The meaning behind this name is “champion” alternative meanings are “famous, noble renowned”. And that sealed the deal for us. Our little champion’s name is: Nolan Ryan Cross. I wrote it on my chalkboard in our kitchen so you know I’m serious.

Doesn’t naming your unborn child make things that much more real? I had a doctor’s appointment today and little man is transverse and kicking – rather marching around in my tummy. He’s super active already, so Lord only knows how he is going to interact with his brother, Colton. We’re going to have our hands full, that is for sure.

Some people (hi, Heidi) think I’m insane for having three kids (it’s not like I’m having 8!) but Ryan and I have always said someone is missing. And now, with baby Nolan on the way, we know our family is complete (complete … you can quote me on that). I can’t wait to meet, hold, snuggle and kiss you, Nolan! 19 more weeks!

Baby 3

Dear moms with kids on the go


I don’t care if you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom - if you have kids, you are a mom on the go because your kids are on the go. Their social calendar is busier than ours and we seem to do this balancing act of motherhood 24/7.

In fact, I was talking to a friend of mine (she’s a mom of four in Texas) who had the best eyelashes. I mean, the best. They were fake and I asked her if it was pain to get eyelash extensions monthly. She said it takes about 1 hour and before I could ask, “How do you find the time to do that?” she jumped in and said, “But, that hour is soooooo relaxing.” Relaxing? Eyelash extensions? But then I got it. Of course! You are alone. With your eyes forced shut. Laying down. With no kids. That makes it relaxing.

In fact, I remember having to get a root canal when Kelsey was 4 months old. My back molar broke in half while I was eating an almond. “Breast feeding can suck the calcium out of your body,” they say. (of course it does) And so there I was, laying back in a dentist chair about to get a root canal and I literally thought to myself, “Ahhhhh … I can close my eyes for the next 45 minutes and do nothing.” I walked away thinking that root canal was the most relaxing thing I had done since my daughter was born.

That’s kind of sad. But it’s true. So … I have to give a big shout out to all of the moms on the go. The moms who get eyelash extensions to make themselves feel better and to get 60 minutes of shut-eye a month. Moms, I appreciate you. I understand you. I am you. Keep up the great work!

PS – I was at The St. Regis Monarch Beach (California) yesterday for a meeting and I was super excited to get the bed to myself and a full nights rest. As luck would have it the fire alarm at the resort went off at 2am – making it impossible to go to bed until 3am. Figures, right?


Quote of the Moment

This quote can apply to so many things, can’t it? Babies, jobs, life, love, upcoming travel. There’s something about these few words that I love so much. Maybe it’s because I have a baby brewing now, or the fact that I am impatient and this reminds me to slow down. Whatever it is these few words made a big impact today.