Happy Fourth of July

fourth of july kids clothes

fourth of july kids toys

fourth of july kids toys

Happy Independence Day (a few days early) from the Cross family. I hope your weekend is long, restful, and filled with tons of birthday wishes for America. Since you can’t have fireworks in Arizona, we’ll party with pinwheels! The kids haven’t noticed yet that the pinwheels are filled with sugary candy. Let’s see how long we can keep that secret.

PS – It feels like it was just 2013 when my kids looked like this? Boy, time sure flies!

This girl. That boy.

Sunday started a little rocky. Colton got his arm stuck in the freezer drawer (I’ll have to take a picture of the handle to explain it better) looking for an ice cream sandwich. I immediately panicked because he was crying and his arm was turning red. Then some weird instinct took over and I grabbed a bottle of mayonnaise and used it to wiggle his arm free. That’s how our morning started – knee-deep in mayonnaise.

Then the kids decided they didn’t want to go to church and Colton literally kicked and screamed the entire way there. Miraculously, the tantrum ended (as they do) and both kids turned their attitudes around. We ran some errands after church and even picked out some toys at the toy store. On our way out of the store I spotted one of these old school toys – where you put 50 cents in and the thing “rocks” while playing some horrible song. It rocks so incredibly slow, but the kids didn’t mind. In fact, we even got some smiles out of it! Money well spent.

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

The Nesting Bug is Real

The urge to nest is in full force at the Cross household. Well, for me anyway. At 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve been busy going through boxes and boxes of Colton’s baby clothes to see what will work for Nolan. Since it’s getting hard to walk, squat, bend, stand, and shop (thank goodness for Amazon online shopping), I’m trying to get Nolan’s nursery put together sooner than later.

baby nursery toys

I busted out the nursery toys for the third (and final!) time. Seeing these toys again is making this baby thing feel more real. The kids were really funny yesterday. As we were going through these they would pick them up and go, “OOOOH” and “Awww”. Colton said things like, “This was mine, but I’ll give them to baby Nolan.” And then Kelsey turned to me as she held a rattle and said, “Mom, what does this thing even do?” Nothing, child. You just shake it.

baby toys

As I sat in Nolan’s nursery last night, I thought: Are we really going to dive back into sleepless nights, burp clothes and breast pumps? I guess so! Exciting and terrifying at the same time. Even if it’s my third child, the fear of the unknown never really goes away. At least I have the nesting bug to thank for helping me prepare for a baby one last time.

baby toys

Kickstart the Weekend

diego pops scottsdale dining

A Friday lunch with a girlfriend is the best way to start the weekend! Add in the fact that Diego Pops has a ice cream bar right when you walk in, and I’m smitten. Miraculously, I walked out of this Scottsdale restaurant without a delicious dessert, and instead walked to Chopshop for a green juice (also see: not the same!) but I will be back for that cone soon.

Diego Pops Scottsdale Restaurant

Diego Pops Scottsdale Restaurant

Diego Pops Scottsdale Restaurant

*Three pics above are from Diego Pops.

Best. Banners. Ever.

If the large “Best Day Banner” wasn’t $250, I would totally buy it. My husband would kill me, but how cool would that be for an outdoor birthday party, bring-home-baby banner, or just because.

I’m actually debating on purchasing this $55 Adventure Felt Banner for Nolan’s baby nursery. I’ll sit on it a while and see if it ends up in my shopping cart. I’m trying to not be so impulsive. But, dang, it’s cute!

Images and link to all products available on JuneyHouseShop.com. You can also follow her on instagram at /juneyhouse.

What’s for lunch?

My mother-in-law deserves her own cooking show. There isn’t a thing that she makes that I don’t gobble up in two seconds. I went to her house last week for lunch and she made an amazing prosciutto, basil and mozzarella Panini. I forgot to grab the recipe (I’ll get it, don’t worry!) but found a similar sandwich that I’ve been making. Just add the prosciutto. Her trick? Buy the mozzarella pre-sliced (available at Trader Joes). Apparently, slicing mozzarella is a nightmare and pre-sliced makes all the difference.

lunch sandwhich recipe

Recipe and photo here (I add prosciutto) >

Tropical Travel Inspiration

In the event that you need a little inspiration, consider it done! I’ve been replacing the artwork in our Starwood marketing office with new photos and wanted to share some of the pictures that made the cut. Even if you aren’t in the market to travel the world in search for a cool cocktail and warm, sandy beach … at least your mind can travel there just for a bit with these gorgeous Starwood resort photos. Enjoy.

Travel Inspiration

One and Four / W Retreat Koh Samui

Located between Maenam and Bo Phut, the W Hotel Koh Samui has the best and most pristine beach location in Thailand. Nine miles of tropical island paradise await!

Two and Five / W Retreat & Spa Maldives

Consider this resort on my bucket list. Recently restyled, the W Retreat & Spa – Maldives radiates tropical luxury. Sleep well in one of their 78 guest rooms located beachside or over the water, giving you amazing Indian Ocean views.

Three / Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Have you ever seen a Sheraton look like this? It’s gorgeous. It’s Sheraton. It’s in the Maldives. I can’t imagine doing anything else here besides surrendering to rest, relaxation and amazing memories.

Six / The Royal Begonia, a Luxury Collection Resort, Sanya

Nestled on the sparkling ivory beaches of the southeastern coast of Hainan Island, The Royal Begonia Resort overlooks the sapphire South China Sea and would make for one unforgettable getaway.