24 Hours in Las Vegas

Here’s how our quick, 24 hour birthday trip to Vegas looked. (I promised myself I wouldn’t take pictures – rather, just enjoy every second). And then, there I was snapping a few photos. Just a few. That’s progress.

Vegas 1

It’s Vegas. Faux eye lashes and lots of shimmer are in order. We stayed at the Westin, which is slightly off of the Strip and sandwiched in between Bally’s and Flamingo. It was really nice. Super close to everything and we’re SPG loyalists, so it worked.

Bellagio Vegas Casino

We enjoyed a little gambling and wine before dinner. After our 1/2 mile walk to the Bellagio turned into 30 minutes. Everything looks so close in Vegas! It’s not.

VegasWe saw some really interesting folks while walking around. This guy was cool and creepy at the same time. I learned from Ryan this is a Storm Trooper. I have never seen Star Wars (don’t hate) so I just thought this was some knight in shining white armor. With a laser.

Ceasars Palace Vegas HotelEveryone looks at the lights, but I like to look up at the buildings. It was right after this moment that Ryan and I realized ‘hey, we are in Vegas!’. We have two kids. People with two kids don’t do these kind of things.

Vegas Casino - RyanThen we put on our game faces and got all kinds of serious with an electronic game of poker. Ryan taught me how to play. We went ‘max bet’ and threw down $1 each draw. I know … we’re wild.

Hyde Vegas Hotel

It was the craziest thing. On our way to Jasmine at the Bellagio, I ran into one of my co-workers. She works out of our Seattle office and was dining next door. What are the odds of that?

Jasmine Bellagio ChopsticksDinner at Jasmine was unreal. Truly remarkable. It’s Chinese food with a great view of the fountains. The china, the service, the food (especially the Chilean sea bass) were remarkable. See the chopsticks? They had silver on the ends, like china chopsticks I suppose. It was all really fancy (but not too fancy). Because we’re not 5 star people. We’re like 4 star. At most.

Jasmine Bellagio Restaurant

In this moment, Ryan leaned in, “Just say no when she comes around, okay.” There was a lady taking pictures of couples at dinner. Before I could put my camera away, there she was – standing over our table. “Can I take your photo?” Sure? I said. Ryan groaned.

Joke was on me. She had us stand up. Pose like we were at prom. “Arm on his chest. Hand on her waist. That’s good. Now kiss his cheek. Put your hand on your hip. Now, you all by yourself.” Humiliating.  The entire restaurant was staring at us, as we embarked on a mini photo shoot.

Then, she came back again. This time with the photos. You could see fear in our eyes in every photo. She was good. But not “$140 for all 4 photos” good.

Jasmine Bellagio Dinner View

Jasmine came highly recommended from a friend, who had spent her anniversary dinner here. It’s really a special place. The view can’t be beat.

Bobby Flay Mesa Grill Vegas Bar

We like to eat dinner one place, then go somewhere else for dessert. And that’s just what we did. We went to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. We sat at the bar and ordered cocktails and the deep dish banana cream pie.
.Bobby Flay Mesa Grill Vegas Dinner

I think we camped out at this bar for another few hours. Just talking. Laughing and enjoying Vegas. If you ever get the chance to surprise your husband for his birthday, get a babysitter for the kids and do it!  Dating your husband and traveling with your best friend is something that can’t be beat.

Vegas Limos

The next morning, we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel, gambled some more, then took a limo to the airport. Because … well, why not? We were back home by 3pm, anxious and ready to see the kids. It was the best birthday-surprise date ever.

2 thoughts on “24 Hours in Las Vegas

  1. you guys look so happy! isn’t amazing how a great 24 hour getaway and make you feel like you hit the “reset” button on life and a relationship? hoping you continue to ride the high back in the tukee! congrats on getting the awesome wife badge for january! xo

    1. Oh, it so does! Ryan didn’t want to admit it, but I know he was feeling like a bachelorette. I kind of swept him off of his feet on that one. We truly had a great time and I thought of you during all of the surprise planning. xo