After Work, You Just Wanna Relax

Am I right? After a long day at the office, you and your hubbie just want to relax. Maybe sip on a glass of wine, take in the nightly news, put your feet up, take a walk around the neighborhood or simply soak in the silence.

Well, as we know … when you’re a parent those days are over. Instead, your weeknight looks something like this.

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Your husband is bent over in the background picking up dog poop, your son is jumping off the slide instead of calmly sitting down and your daughter is giving you everything but a smile. You’re about ten seconds away from pulling your hair out, before it’s time for the bedtime routine (bath, teeth, books, bed, preparing for tomorrow).

In a household with two full-time working parents, you just have to find your own time to distress from the day. Ryan finds his at 4:45am. He gets up and works out. Bonus points for him. I’m trying to find my time in traffic. Yes, traffic. It’s the only 90 minutes I get a day where I’m alone. I’m thinking of taking up a pod cast or something to make the time driving home more enjoyable. Do you have any podcasts that you would recommend?

Thank goodness it’s finally the weekend!