Baby Gift Idea: A Baby Bundle

freshly picked baby bundle

I was super lucky to receive this wonderful “bringing home baby bundle” from Love Taza and Freshly Picked. I didn’t capture a picture of all of the items, but what’s important is the bundle includes:

  • Custom grey crib moccs
  • A comfortable robe for Mom (I’m living in this already!)
  • Cozy socks for mom
  • Swaddle for baby
  • Hat for baby
  • All items wrapped in a bag that can be used as a laundry bag

The items come in gray (that’s what I got), pink, blue and sunshine yellow. I paired mine with a little onesie that I hope will fit my new bundle. I was at the doctor last week for an ultra sound and Nolan is already measuring over 7lbs. Yikes! Which means, another big bundle is coming my way soon! So, if you have an expecting mom in your life, check out this baby gift idea – it’s $140 and guaranteed to please. Trust me. Again, that robe. So incredibly comfortable.