As a mother, I have an obligation to steer my kids on the right path. This is especially true in business. As my daughter Kelsey grows into adulthood, she is going to be faced with challenges, triumph, and adversity. She’s going to have to make big decisions, take chances and follow her dreams. I can only hope that my work experiences help mold her into the successful business woman that she will become.

I say this next thing with mixed emotions.

Today is the day that I take my own motherly advice. Today is the day that I take a chance on following my dreams. After eight years working for Starwood Hotels & Resorts, I have decided to leave my job and open my own digital marketing agency, SEE IT SIDEWAYS, with two other VERY talented marketers from Starwood. I have spent the past few years commuting across town and across country and today I embark on a new chapter.

The story of how this decision came to be is a page-turner. Best told over a few cocktails. In fact, when we told someone how SEE IT SIDEWAYS came to be, their response was, “Well, now you’ve got a story! Every successful person has a story. And now you three have one heck of a story to tell.”

If you believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you really believe that hustle and heart will set you apart from anyone and anything that stands in your way, then you believe what we believe: faith, hard work and true talent is the recipe for success.

You can follow our journey through the SEE IT SIDEWAYS instagram page, through this blog or you can connect with me directly. For those who know me personally, thank you for the support and for your friendship. For those whom I just met through this blog … welcome to my life as a working mom. Hang on tight because it’s about to get real good.