Kelsey Rocks (pun intended)

Since we took Kelsey out of pre-school for 5 days for our vacation, I was worried that she would digress. I know, I know. It’s a mom thing. You take them out of school for a few days and then suddenly, on day 3 you start freaking out over all of the learning she is missing out on.

Lucky for me, my aunt came to visit us on the 5th day of vacation and brought me relief in the form of a kids craft project. We painted rocks into lady bugs, monsters, a moose (her choice) and even one with her initials. It was messy. Fun. Creative. And the perfect blend of hands on learning to put this anxiety driven mom at ease.

Kelsey Rocks Kid Craft Ideas

Kelsey Rocks Kid Craft IdeasKelsey Rocks Kid Craft IdeasKelsey Rocks Kid Craft Ideas

Half work, half play in Santa Fe

I travel a lot for work, but this work trip was different. I decided to take my mom along for the ride. Mostly because I wanted to make a mini girls trip out of it (in the hustle and bustle of life, my mom and I don’t get to do this much anymore) and because Santa Fe holds a special place in our hearts.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico – only moving to Scottsdale, Arizona when I was 14. So whenever I see the colors of Santa Fe (as seen in the Navajo blankets, the turquoise, the red chile ristras, the adobe buildings) it makes me feel really nostalgic.

I worked most of the time but mom and I did spend a lot of time walking the historic Plaza, window shopping and eating at all of the great restaurants this city has to offer. And don’t feel too bad for mom because while I was in morning meetings, she was getting pampered with a signature spa treatment at La Posada de Santa Fe. And from what she described, a visit to the spa while you’re in Santa Fe should be on the top of your list!

We walked the historic plaza and saw so many indigenous things. My favorite part was the Native American Indians selling their jewelry and pottery in the plaza. Everything was handmade and authentic (and expensive!). My mom says you can barter them down but I wasn’t in the mood for that so we just window shopped. Here are some pictures from our quick trip to Santa Fe.

santa fe new mexico

la posada de santa fe resort

la posada de santa fe resortla posada de santa fe resort
santa fe new mexicosanta fe new mexcio resort

We stayed at the La Posada de Santa Fe resort. Every room is casita-style and completely unique from the other. You truly feel like you are apart of Santa Fe when you stay here. The property dates back to the 19th century as it was first constructed in 1882.

It’s a darling love story of how it was built (Abraham Staab built this grand house for his wife, Julia Staab). She loved to entertain high society and was always the life of the party. The original Staab house is still on property as the resorts bar. It’s truly a charming hotel and one worth staying at while in town.

We spent Tuesday walking the Historic Plaza. We loved the history, the Indian jewelry and pottery, and indulging in the great food. We had lunch at The Shed, window shopped and took a peek inside the glorious Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi.

the shed restaurant santa fe dining santa fe indian market Santa Fe New Mexico potterysanta fe new mexicosanta fe new mexicosanta fe new mexicoSee the dragon? He wrapped around the entire building.

santa fe santa fesanta fe santa fesanta fesanta fesanta fe santa fe santa fe santa feThen we went to dinner at the Four Seasons and had way too much amazing food before calling it a night. The best part about this trip was all of the funny moments we had along the way.

The journey to find a Starbucks (evidently they are not easy to find in New Mexico), the hundred times I curled up like a baby on my mom’s shoulder during the flight because I hate turbulence, or how we realized half way to the airport that the trunk was open. Oh mom … never a dull moment.

Suite photos I just had to have

Because my job is amazing (sorry, but it is) I get to work with some of the best hotels in the industry. Some I directly work with and others I stare at from a distance in awe. Like the St. Regis New York – the first St. Regis to open its doors back in 1904. Oh, how lovely it is. The heritage behind the brand … well, that’s something worth looking up. It’s a pretty cool story about the Astor family.

Anyway, part of my job is to source good imagery for marketing email campaigns. Images that make you want to book a stay at our hotels. While I was doing this, I came across some amazing photos of the suite entrances, hotel corridors and interior rooms of this hotel. Something about these photos caught my eye.

It’s the architecture, the welcoming entrance, the colors of the doors. They are all so intriguing. I ended up printing some of these photos for my own office. I just have to find some frames that do them justice and then I’ll be able to stare at these pretty images all day.

Makes you want to visit, doesn’t it?

St. Regis New York -Hotel Corridor St. Regis New York -Dior Suite Living Room St. Regis New York-Dior Suite Living Room St. Regis New York-Tiffany Suite - Dining Room with Central Park view St. Regis New York-Bentley Suite Living Room

St. Regis New York-Tiffany Suite EntranceSt. Regis New York-Royal Suite Entrance St. Regis New York-Grand Suite Entrance St-regis-new-york-imperial-suite-entrancePhotos property of The St. Regis New York hotel.

The Style Hat: Gallery Wall Complete

I finished my gallery wall! Finally. I was on the hunt for “that missing piece” that would complete the wall and this morning, I found two. A letter “C” (for our last name) and a wooden frame. I just spray painted both bronze and mounted them to the wall. Done and done.

gallery wall Gallery Wall Logan was my helper. He took his job a little too seriously, and couldn’t help but stare back into the house (where baby Colton was sleeping).

chocolate lab chocolate lab

Here is the finished product. I really like how this turned out. Pardon the glare. This little nook in our house faces the backyard and today is extra bright and sunny.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

gallery wall

The Crafty Hat: A Beautiful Mess

I have been reading a new blog, so I decided it was time to add it to my blog roll. It’s called A Beautiful Mess. If you like vintage, design, food and handmade pretty things – this one’s for you.

I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) with the amount of creativity that pours through the pages of this blog. Check it out, I think you’ll get creatively lost in this site too.

Here are a few of their posts that I’ve been reading.

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DIY Thread Spool Wine Corks (cute housewarming gift, no?)

The Mommy Hat: Her First Masterpiece

Today, at school, baby made us this drawing. It’s her first piece of art. Her first time using a crayon and the first time she colored a picture. I am so proud of her. And so extremely happy that I’m a mother and I get to come home from work, pick her up from school, and receive a gift like this. Today was a big day.