Baby Boy Celebratory Breakfast


We had a bright, baby boy brunch at Scottsdale’s Morning Squeeze this morning! My co-workers and I gathered around for iced coffee, Eggs Benedict, omelets, strawberry crepes and double chocolate ganache cake! Yes, cake at 9am.

You see, sometimes your co-workers turn into great friends and that’s the case with mine. My Starwood marketing family truly outdid themselves this morning as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Nolan and my colleague, Nancy’s soon-to-be son.

baby shower brunch

Two cakes for two babies on the way! We have to give credit where credit is due. Andrea is our resident baker. Isn’t she amazing? She did Dayna’s baby shower cake too (seen here) and even came prepared with to-go boxes! Not joking. I literally took home half of this cake. I may have already dabbled in a second piece. Shh.

baby shower

They gifted us soft swaddle blankets, the cutest honest diapers, and a little somethin’ somethin’ just for mom. Hello, Nordstrom. The most important part was we were all together. It’s actually pretty amazing that I’ve celebrated all three kids with this group. 7 years at a company and some of these ladies have seen me through all of these babies.

I have 13 days until my due date. The panic is starting to sink in a bit – are you ever ready? Even if this is my third child, there’s really no good way to prepare yourself for a new human to come into your life. However, I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. And moments like this one just make it feel more real.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dayna, Melissa, Andrea(s), Allison, Brittany, Nancy, Dani, Kristina, Tania, Heidi, Meagan, Jill and Karla. You really know how to make a girl feel blessed. Nolan is a lucky little guy.

Car Seat Coolers

This idea is genius. My friend’s mom makes Car Seat Coolers to ensure our babies tushies stay nice and cool in the hot summer sun. I have one, and I love it!

Your custom cooler comes with two ice packs – keep them in the freezer, then place them into the bag when you’re ready to leave for the day. Put the bag over your car seat when you are running errands. When you return to your car, the car seat is nice and cool. Trust me, your little tot will thank you.

I got one as a gift and I think I’ve already used it about 20 times. You pick the fabric (choose from an array of colors) and Gina will make you a Car Seat Cooler. The turn around time for production is about 5-7 days. Want one? Email The price is $45 and includes two ice packs (the bags are pocketed lined so your seat doesn’t get wet).

Make sure to tell her you’re a friend of mine.

The Hostess Hat: Baby Shower Favors

They are done! Even though my husband ate my prototype, I finished making my edible baby shower favors. Here’s how easy it is to duplicate.

Grab the following:

  • Pretty paper to match the baby shower theme
  • Butterfly Craft Punch (or any other shape)
  • Mini gift tags (I choose scalloped Martha Stewart tags)
  • Twine
  • Ribbon (thin enough to fit through the label hole)
  • Small, clear cellophane bags (baking section of your craft store)
  • Sticky double sided tape
  • Mini cookies “chippers” (I bought mine, $2.95 for 15)
  • Rhinestones (small enough to place on the butterfly or shape)
  • Pen to write “thank you”
  • Mini hole punch (if your gift tags don’t come already punched)

And you’re off to the races. All you do is stack a tower of mini cookies to see what your height preference is (I bought an assortment of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Ginger and Dark Chocolate cookies). Then, you twist the cellophane bag before “tying” it with your twine, ribbon and tag.

To make the tags

  • Punch out your shape
  • Cut your double-sided sticky tape and adhere to your cut-out shape
  • Stick the shape to the gift tag
  • Punch a mini hole and thread your twine and ribbon through it
  • Write “thank you” to make it more personal
  • Place a rhinestone anywhere you see fit

How easy was that?

I would recommend a helper to hold the bags while you twist and twine (thanks Grandma). And be sure to eat all of the left over supplies. No one wants to see extra cookies go to waste.

The Mommy Hat: Children’s Books We Love

I have a 14-month old critic in the house. She questions everything I do. And she has an opinion on everything I say. When I read a book to my little critic she tells me if she likes it by clapping her hands – or, if she hates it, by closing the book and pushing it out of my lap. Yep, she bosses me around.
So, what are her favorite children’s books? Below are our must-have children’s books for a toddler with a strong opinion and short attention span. Note: They are all interactive.

Where is Baby’s Belly Button by Karen Katz. This is a great board book that allows baby to lift up pages to find baby’s belly button, hands, feet, eyes, mouth, etc. When she sees this book she points to her belly button. So cute!

Twinkle Toes by Karen Katz. This is another great board book. It allows Kelsey to touch and feel certain parts of the book – like real fabric on baby’s skirt and a scratchy surface on baby’s dress.

Dr. Seuss’s Oh, Baby! Go, Baby! – This book is from the Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection, where every page is interactive. She love flipping through this book and touching all of the pages. She makes us read this book over and over and over again, every night before bedtime.

Disney Fairies Fairy Songs Pop-up Songbook. This songbook that incorporates music (her favorite) and pop-up pages. She has two similar books that we have to read each night as well. One is Dora the Explorer and one is Baby Einstein.

Can you moo? By Tanya Roitman. This is one of mommy’s favorites because it has a pig finger puppet which keeps me entertained and every page features a colorful picture of an animal – which helps baby learn animal sounds. A fun read.
And there you have it. Critic’s choice for favorite books for a toddler. Enjoy!