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The Wife Hat: I made Blueberry French Toast Casserole and it was good

Nothing compares to Vanilla-Crusted French Toast (recipe here) but this is still very tasty. For Ryan’s birthday, I baked Blueberry French Toast. You can prepare it the night before and then stick in the oven that morning. Saves time (which I love). Next time, I might make my cream cheese a spread versus cubes and try it with […]

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The Foodie Hat: Breakfast in Portland

Mother’s Bistro is a darling little breakfast spot that we stumbled upon this morning. This Portland restaurant featured wood floors, rose-colored bench cushions, white cabinet doors, yellow vintage chairs and antique chandeliers overhead. I didn’t get any photos of food – mostly because I ate it so fast – but it was very good and the […]

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The Hostess Hat: Breakfast Baby Shower

I’m going to host an itty bitty baby shower for my friend in the next few weekends. I say “itty bitty” because it’s her second baby and we want to keep it very small, very low-key and simple. Just a few friends. Nothing too elaborate. And it will be from 9am – 11am so the babies can […]

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The Friendship Hat: Brunch, Baby.

This morning, Kelsey and I went over to my VERY best friend, Angie’s house for brunch. We had eggs benedict, Starbucks and watched this little girl run through the house. It is a house that I used to live in and it holds many, many, great memories for me. Angie is such a special person and one that I’m […]

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