Organic baby clothes for my little mister

It’s so hard to find cute baby clothes that actually fit and feel good! Enter: KinderStuff. They were gracious enough to send Colton a few of their favorite pieces, and I must say – I love how stretchy and soft they are!

We tried to keep him still long enough to snap some photos. I think there will be another blog post of the outtakes. How in the world do people get kids to sit still? Thank you for introducing us to your organic baby clothes, KinderStuff. We will be back online shopping very soon!

KinderStuff baby boy clothesKinderStuff Boy Clothes

KinderStuff Boy ClothesKinderStuff Boy ClothesThis is the blue teddy onesie. Super soft and I love the off-white color. I think this one is my favorite. He’s so kissable soft in this outfit.

kinderstuff |organic baby clothes kinderstuff |organic baby clothesThis outfit made him smile. Maybe it was the bright green color of maybe the fact that his sister was giggling nearby. Either way, I love this onesie. It’s so soft and such a vibrant green. Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to sport more long-sleeved shirts for him.
.kinderstuff |organic baby clothes kinderstuff |organic baby clothesI couldn’t get him to look up in this one. He was fascinated by the orange carrot on his new bunny tee. Super cute! I think this is one that he’ll just have to grow into. Take a look at the shirt online so you can see the entire rabbit character. My little sloucher wasn’t interested in posing for this one.

Visit to shop and learn more.

The Friendship Hat: Sip and See

The Tings came over yesterday for a sip and see. They brought the bubbly (Mimosas for girls, beer for boys) so we all could sip and see baby Colton.

I spent most of the time trying to convince Teri to join the mommy club, but so far, she only has eyes for Colton. She’s a natural at being a parent though. Danny was too! Except us girls had to keep telling him that holding Colton tight, curled up in a ball with his face shoved into your sweater might not be the most comfortable position for baby.

Here are some of the photos from our New Year’s Eve afternoon. Check out more photos on Teri’s blog.

We love you, Tings. Cheers to great friends and  to”New Orleans!”.


Colton5 Colton4 Colton3


The Family Hat: Colton has arrived!

My son is here! Colton Nicholas arrived on Monday, December 3 at 1:35pm. He was born 9lbs, 5.4 ounces and 21 inches. A big boy, indeed!

Big sister Kelsey is loving her new role. Immediately, she gravitated to Colton and showered him with kisses. I’ll never forget her expression as she entered the hospital room: her face lit up with joy! It’s truly magical to watch her be so gentle with him. We are blessed beyond belief.

To all of the nurses at Scottsdale/ Shea Hospital (especially Jerri) thank you so much! You made our labor experience very comfortable and enjoyable! We were induced at 41 weeks and spent three days at this hospital. We saw many nurses and have to say, Jerri, was the best. She was truly amazing.

















December 3 is a day we will never forget. Colton, my dear son, welcome to the world and welcome into our family. We will love you forever and always, you are truly a dream baby. So calm, so cool, so collected – you are clearly your father’s son.

Your sister came into this world with much more to say (screaming at the top of her lungs) and so far, you have been taking to your doctor’s appointments like a champion. Your energy actually helps me calm down in stressful situations. Level headed already, just like your daddy.

When Papa asked Kelsey what her favorite part of seeing Colton for the first time was, she responded with, “When they made his feet black” (she loved when the nurses took his footprints). She also recently patted my stomach and said, “Mom, do you have another Colton in there?”

No. thank. you. Mom is hanging up her pregnancy hat … for a while.