Halloween Craft Idea

I was at the Dollar Store last night looking for really cheap Halloween decorations. I found these white, plastic skeletons for … well, a dollar. I grabbed three. They looked as cheap as they were, so I touched them up with metallic gold spray paint and voila! Much better. Tip: Since the arms are bendable, you just need to get into the creases (note: see the white marks on its shoulder, I need to do another coat but it’s raining outside, so I’ll wait).

Sam – this post is for you, my fellow crafty friend.

Halloween Craft Ideas - Mom Blogger

Fall Favorites

fall decorations
We’re just sitting around, waiting for Nolan to be born. It’s Labor Day weekend and since we can’t do much – other than the stay close to home, spend time with family, clean up and get as much sleep as we can before baby arrives, I’m going to do what I’ve been anxiously waiting to do for days … bust out the fall decorations and start decorating the house!

The kids helped me put up pumpkins yesterday and asked if “fall was here already?” To which I anxiously replied, “Almost!” I love the thought of 100+ summer degree weather ending and the ability to go outside in the morning’s and feel the crisp air. Plus, the beginning of fall only means that Christmas is right around the corner and … well, we all know how I feel about that magical holiday.

TomKat Studio // The First in Phoenix

TomKat Studio

TomKat Studio

“This had your name written all over it.” Thank you, cute little Kate Spade cards. This is exactly how I felt when I visited TomKat Studio in Chandler. You’re probably familiar with TheTomKatStudio.com and now (if you live in Arizona) you can shop locally. Her shop opened a few weeks ago and it’s a must-visit. If “presentation is everything” then TomKat Studio has you covered with the cutest & craftiest selection of party and gift supplies.

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona

TomKat Studio

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona
Party straws, cupcake liners, fringed garland, favor bags and plates in every color you can imagine! For those who love to entertain and throw parties, TomKat Studio is like being a kid in a candy store. I love how the shop is set up – crisp white walls and shelving really make the merchandise pop!

TomKat Studio Party

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona

tomkat studio

Kim Stoebauer is the owner and founder of (named after her kids Tommy + Kate) and that’s her studio on the right: She has a little nook inside this store that she uses as a workspace. Don’t you just love the black & white walls? TomKat Studio is located inside Found Design Co on Chandler & Ray Rd. Make sure you stop in and check them out!

TomKat Studio

kim at tom kat

Kim, it was great meeting you and your team today. I loved hearing the story of how long you’ve been in business and all of the great ventures you’ve been a part of. I hope our paths meet again soon. Who am I kidding … I’ll probably be back in your store next weekend. Congratulations on the new store!

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2014

It’s Tuesday, May 6th. Don’t forget to show your teacher some appreciation. We usually get the kids’ teachers a little gift card or something sweet. I love this idea of taking a new (and delicious) approach to the traditional apple. Make caramel dip, place it in a 1/2 pint mason jar, topped with an apple. Simple and oh-so sweet. Recipe & directions here >

teacher gifts

The Hostess Hat: Dora Party Favors

There’s a party being planned over here. It’s almost Kelsey’s third birthday party! Seriously. With two kids, you have to start early so I’m putting together all of the party favors. I thought putting the favors in “big kid cups” versus baggies would be fun. Kid goodie bags = sugar, chocolate, stickers and noise makers. Their parents will love me.

dora party ideasdora party favor idea

dora the explorer party favors dora party favors

The Style Hat: Gallery Wall Complete

I finished my gallery wall! Finally. I was on the hunt for “that missing piece” that would complete the wall and this morning, I found two. A letter “C” (for our last name) and a wooden frame. I just spray painted both bronze and mounted them to the wall. Done and done.

gallery wall Gallery Wall Logan was my helper. He took his job a little too seriously, and couldn’t help but stare back into the house (where baby Colton was sleeping).

chocolate lab chocolate lab

Here is the finished product. I really like how this turned out. Pardon the glare. This little nook in our house faces the backyard and today is extra bright and sunny.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

gallery wall

The Crafty Hat: Mail Someone a Hug

Kelsey’s Nana lives one state away so we don’t have the luxury of hugging her every time that we want to. So, we decided to mail her a hug today. I hope she likes it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s simple really. Just grab some:

  • Fingerpaint
  • Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Envelope
  • And a loving child to participate

Then simply mail your loved one a hug from your little tot. Make sure you seal the envelope with love. That’s the best part.

The Holiday Hat: Homemade Place cards

I collect so many “scraps” (or left over items) from past craft projects that I don’t usually use. I save them anyway because you never know when you’ll need a purple rhinestone, right?

I have ribbons and felt and lace galore. As I was digging through my crafty scraps I found these mini holiday bows and was inspired to make place card holders for Christmas Eve dinner. So far, so fun!

Holiday Placecards