Found Interior Design

There’s a new store in town called Found. Appropriately named, because the minute I walked into this store I thought to myself. “I found it!” I found the most inspiring home & decor store that I’ve stepped into in a long time. Found Design is like Pottery Barn meets Anthropologie. It’s rustic. It’s cool. It’s modern. Best of all, it’s filled with items that I want in my home. Just take a look!

Found Interior Design

Found Interior Design

Found Interior Design

Just look at this wallpaper! I want it so badly. It would be perfect for a home office or even a dining room. Am I right? I literally walked around this store and said, “I want that. I want that. I really want that. Ooooh, that would look so good in my house.” The store just opened in Chandler (Ray & Chandler Rd.) about 2 weeks ago so if you live in the area, you’ll have to check it out.

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

Found Design Co

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

Found Interior Design

Found Interior Design

Now do you see what I mean? The store is beautiful. There is an area to the left, right when you walk in, that displays merchandise that’s a bit more modern. But as you can see from my lens, I was drawn to their rustic home decor. Kind of makes you want to host a dinner party, doesn’t it?

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

Found Interior Design

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

“A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life.” Why, thank you little book for giving me the reassurance I need that my house (which looks more like a kids toy store these days) is indeed proof that we are having fun around here.

Found Interior Design Co Arizona

Found Interior Design

Found Design Co

Found Interior Design

I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour. If you’re an interior designer, decorator, home entertainer or just someone who loves pretty things, I’m sure you can appreciate why I got so inspired today. Make sure you stop in and check out Found Design Co. If you can’t make it in, you can find them online (here). We’ve got to support our local shops.

Pillow Talk with One Kings Lane

These prices won’t last long, in fact it’s a sample sale site so in a few day this link might not even work. So … shop while you can! I love these pillows from One Kings Lane. Wouldn’t they make a great addition to your nursery or toddler’s room? Or heck, even on your bed. The sale ends in 37 days and 19 hours, to be exact. One Kings Lane Pillow Sale >

one kings lane pillow sale
One kings lane | Pillow Sale

The Design Hat: Boy Nursery Art

Colton’s crib bumper from Pottery Barn Kids just got recalled. Doh! So, I had to buy an entirely new bumper which gave me a perfectly good excuse to revamp elements of his room.

Revamp – mostly because I didn’t spend too much time on it the first time around. I’m in the market for some new nursery art. I think I’ll go with this, from this Etsy shop. Thinking of hanging it right above his crib.

boy nursery artI have also had my eye on this large poster from Ikea. Perfectly hung in a white or silver frame would do the trick. It’s pretty big (27 ½ x 39 ¼”) but it’s one of those prints that I saw, walked away from, and am still thinking about. It’s meant to be then. And for $12? Why not.


The Friendship Hat: Vote by Friday!

Britany may have been runner-up to Danielle (snooze) but she’s still our HGTV Design Star Fan Favorite. Please take a moment to vote! You can vote for Britany Simon as a Fan Favorite until Friday, July 27th.


Oh, and check back here soon – I’m sure she’ll post the behind-the-scenes details from the show’s Season Finale Episode. This was a photo of us at last nights finale party. We were so stinkin’ proud of this girl!

The Friendship Hat: Design Star Updates

My girlfriend, Britany Simon, is doing great on HGTV’s Design Star! Every time I watch this show, I find myself in disbelief that this little blonde can design the heck out of a room (I can’t even hang a photo straight)!

If you love the show as much as I do, then check out Britany’s blog – she posts a personal recap of every episode after it airs. It’s super fun to read all of the little secrets she spills that didn’t make the show. Go get ’em Britany! And come over soon, my house is looking less and less cool every day.

Oh, and vote, vote, vote for Britany as your Fan Favorite! You can vote up to ten times a day here. Currently, she’s ranked 3rd as the Fan Favorite. Grrr … let’s push her to the top where she belongs.

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The Friendship Hat: New Design Star!

My digital detox was amazing! Just want I needed to recharge and regroup. I jumped on Facebook 3 times in 7 days (that has to be some kind of record) and was officially back in the social scene yesterday.

To my delight, I was treated to a fabulous Facebook post from a friend! Britany Simon is going to be on HGTV’s Design Star! She’s been a friend since high school and I simply adore her  personal and professional style.

She has taken all Kelsey’s photos and possesses such a glow about her. Her knack for fashion and interior style is impeccable and truly shines when she is in her realm – interior designing.

Click here to see meet the Design Stars and to VOTE for Britany as your Fan Favorite. I know, I know, it’s hard to say she is your favorite without seeing the show, but I swear – if you don’t know her already you will fall in love. Please help us make her a Fan Favorite by voting!

It’s simple and only takes about 3 seconds. Have a wonderful day! xo

The Working Mom Hat: Office Space

Everyone can admit, some days at work you get the business blues. I’m very fortunate that I’m passionate about what I do and the company that I work for, but I do have one confession to make: Cubicle life stinks.

There’s nothing glamorous about a cube. Sure, it’s cheap to design and you can cram many associates into one space. But … in my professional opinion, cubes aren’t as conducive to productivity as having your own space.

In my dreams, cubes don’t exist. Rather, everyone gets to work inside real walls that they design to their linking, down to the type of lightbulb that shines overhead (bye-bye-fluorescent).

This is what my professional space might look like. Soothing, comforting, creative and inviting. Ah, only in a professional dream world, eh?

Image from

The Crafty Hat: A Beautiful Mess

I have been reading a new blog, so I decided it was time to add it to my blog roll. It’s called A Beautiful Mess. If you like vintage, design, food and handmade pretty things – this one’s for you.

I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) with the amount of creativity that pours through the pages of this blog. Check it out, I think you’ll get creatively lost in this site too.

Here are a few of their posts that I’ve been reading.

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