Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market


junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

If you’re in Scottsdale this weekend, visit the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market – it’s a fabulous traveling market – filled with over 170 vendors selling handmade or vintage finds. They have booths upon booths of creativity just oozing out of this place! My business partner at SEE IT SIDEWAYS and I have a passion for supporting small businesses with big dreams and incredible talent. There was no shortage of them here. Check out some of our pics.

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

junk in the trunk vintage market - many hats of a mom blogger

ike davis, phoenix mom blog

Just as we were about to leave, I ran into one of my FAVORITE colleague’s from Starwood Hotels AND my brother’s childhood friend Ike Davis whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years. I love when the universe works like that.

Succulent Bridal Shower Favors

succulent bridal shower favors

My sister-in-law is getting married! We attended her bridal shower over the weekend (more photos on that later) and had so much fun putting together some desert-inspired party favors. Even though she lives in Los Angeles, she’s an Arizona girl at heart so we wanted something that would tie into her roots.

Here’s a super simple idea for bridal shower favors.


succulent bridal shower favors



– Buy mini geometric planters (we got ours here)
– Spray paint planters a color of your choice (I did metallic gold)
– Buy 4oz succulents (I found them for $2.48 each at Lowe’s)
– Get mini pebbles to place around the top of the plant once planted (also at Lowe’s)
– Watch love bloom! Cheesy? 

succulent bridal shower favors

I ended up ditching the home-made flags because after all 20 were put together, I felt the flag took away from how simplistic they looked. But, it’s up to you. The flag was just washi tape and a toothpick. I hope you get some inspiration from this post the next time you’re in charge of party favors.

Halloween Craft Idea

I was at the Dollar Store last night looking for really cheap Halloween decorations. I found these white, plastic skeletons for … well, a dollar. I grabbed three. They looked as cheap as they were, so I touched them up with metallic gold spray paint and voila! Much better. Tip: Since the arms are bendable, you just need to get into the creases (note: see the white marks on its shoulder, I need to do another coat but it’s raining outside, so I’ll wait).

Sam – this post is for you, my fellow crafty friend.

Halloween Craft Ideas - Mom Blogger

National Teacher Appreciation Day 2014

It’s Tuesday, May 6th. Don’t forget to show your teacher some appreciation. We usually get the kids’ teachers a little gift card or something sweet. I love this idea of taking a new (and delicious) approach to the traditional apple. Make caramel dip, place it in a 1/2 pint mason jar, topped with an apple. Simple and oh-so sweet. Recipe & directions here >

teacher gifts

Kid Parties: Little Mermaid Cake

When Andrea brought over Kelsey’s cake, I thought it was perfect. It was ombré on the outside (and inside) and had blue pearls on it, perfect for her Little Mermaid theme. Then she mentioned she had to “assemble the cake.” What happened next was culinary magic.

cake 3

Suddenly, we were looking at a beautiful cake, with Ariel on top and the words K-E-L-S-E-Y spelled out. Personalized and perfect. Kelsey couldn’t take her eyes off of it.


little mermaid party ideas


See those orange things? Andrea made candy mold starfish and shells to add as accents to the cake and the cupcakes. It’s details like this that truly made Kelsey’s day extra special. If you’re wondering … they tasted great too.



Andrea makes fantastic specialty cakes, desserts, cake pops, brownies – you name it. If you’re ever in the market for a cute kids cake or a themed dessert for one of your parties, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to pass along her information.

Fall wreath ideas, I can do this! Right?

I can make a wreath, right? I’m sure it’s more time consuming than I have time for, but this season I’m going to make my own fall wreath. I was searching online for some inspiration, and here are some photos of my favorites. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Wish me luck!

fall wreath

Image source.

fall wreath

I’m loving the hydrangeas and burlap. (Can’t find image source).

fall wreath I can’t tell if I like the wreath more, or the door. Source.

fall wreath - etsy

Loving the mini pumpkins, $30. Source.

fall wreathI like how large the flowers are, $70+. Source.

Thanksgiving wreath - yellow fabric roses - organic branches twigs wreath - gorgeous wreath - fall wreath - image via Pinterest

Not really by style, but stood out for being so pretty. Source.

potterybarn fall wreath

Pottery Barn Harvest Wreath, $99. Source.

The Hostess Hat: Dora Party Favors

There’s a party being planned over here. It’s almost Kelsey’s third birthday party! Seriously. With two kids, you have to start early so I’m putting together all of the party favors. I thought putting the favors in “big kid cups” versus baggies would be fun. Kid goodie bags = sugar, chocolate, stickers and noise makers. Their parents will love me.

dora party ideasdora party favor idea

dora the explorer party favors dora party favors

The Style Hat: Gallery Wall Complete

I finished my gallery wall! Finally. I was on the hunt for “that missing piece” that would complete the wall and this morning, I found two. A letter “C” (for our last name) and a wooden frame. I just spray painted both bronze and mounted them to the wall. Done and done.

gallery wall Gallery Wall Logan was my helper. He took his job a little too seriously, and couldn’t help but stare back into the house (where baby Colton was sleeping).

chocolate lab chocolate lab

Here is the finished product. I really like how this turned out. Pardon the glare. This little nook in our house faces the backyard and today is extra bright and sunny.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

gallery wall