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Kid Parties: Little Mermaid Cake

When Andrea brought over Kelsey’s cake, I thought it was perfect. It was ombré on the outside (and inside) and had blue pearls on it, perfect for her Little Mermaid theme. Then she mentioned she had to “assemble the cake.” What happened next was culinary magic. Suddenly, we were looking at a beautiful cake, with […]

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Fall wreath ideas, I can do this! Right?

I can make a wreath, right? I’m sure it’s more time consuming than I have time for, but this season I’m going to make my own fall wreath. I was searching online for some inspiration, and here are some photos of my favorites. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Wish me luck!

fall wreath

Image source.

fall wreath

I’m loving the hydrangeas and burlap. (Can’t find image source).

fall wreath I can’t tell if I like the wreath more, or the door. Source.

fall wreath - etsy

Loving the mini pumpkins, $30. Source.

fall wreathI like how large the flowers are, $70+. Source.

Thanksgiving wreath - yellow fabric roses - organic branches twigs wreath - gorgeous wreath - fall wreath - image via Pinterest

Not really by style, but stood out for being so pretty. Source.

potterybarn fall wreath

Pottery Barn Harvest Wreath, $99. Source.

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The Hostess Hat: Dora Party Favors

There’s a party being planned over here. It’s almost Kelsey’s third birthday party! Seriously. With two kids, you have to start early so I’m putting together all of the party favors. I thought putting the favors in “big kid cups” versus baggies would be fun. Kid goodie bags = sugar, chocolate, stickers and noise makers. Their […]

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The Style Hat: Gallery Wall Complete

I finished my gallery wall! Finally. I was on the hunt for “that missing piece” that would complete the wall and this morning, I found two. A letter “C” (for our last name) and a wooden frame. I just spray painted both bronze and mounted them to the wall. Done and done.

gallery wall Gallery Wall Logan was my helper. He took his job a little too seriously, and couldn’t help but stare back into the house (where baby Colton was sleeping).

chocolate lab chocolate lab

Here is the finished product. I really like how this turned out. Pardon the glare. This little nook in our house faces the backyard and today is extra bright and sunny.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

gallery wall

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The Crafty Hat: Mail Someone a Hug

Kelsey’s Nana lives one state away so we don’t have the luxury of hugging her every time that we want to. So, we decided to mail her a hug today. I hope she likes it. It’s simple really. Just grab some: Fingerpaint Paper Ribbon Tape Envelope And a loving child to participate Then simply mail your loved […]

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The Hostess Hat: Breakfast Baby Shower

I’m going to host an itty bitty baby shower for my friend in the next few weekends. I say “itty bitty” because it’s her second baby and we want to keep it very small, very low-key and simple. Just a few friends. Nothing too elaborate. And it will be from 9am – 11am so the babies can […]

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The Friendship Hat: Creative Kristin

First, let me just say that I am always smitten when I receive a letter from a friend. I’m talking about a real letter. Like, in the mail. Friday I came home to a letter from a sorority sister of mine, Kristin. In October of 2000, we were going through Alpha Phi Initiation. Just before the night began […]

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The Crafty Hat: A Beautiful Mess

I have been reading a new blog, so I decided it was time to add it to my blog roll. It’s called A Beautiful Mess. If you like vintage, design, food and handmade pretty things - this one’s for you.

I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) with the amount of creativity that pours through the pages of this blog. Check it out, I think you’ll get creatively lost in this site too.

Here are a few of their posts that I’ve been reading.

Floral Antlers Necklace Display 

Make Your Own Tea Bags

3 Easy Infused Water Recipes

5 Tips for Better Self Portraits

How to Mix Chalkboard Paint into any Color

How to Make your own Canvas Print

How to Style a Fishtail Braid

DIY Holiday Door Mat

DIY Thread Spool Wine Corks (cute housewarming gift, no?)

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The Hostess Hat: Baby Shower Favors

They are done! Even though my husband ate my prototype, I finished making my edible baby shower favors. Here’s how easy it is to duplicate. Grab the following: Pretty paper to match the baby shower theme Butterfly Craft Punch (or any other shape) Mini gift tags (I choose scalloped Martha Stewart tags) Twine Ribbon (thin enough to fit […]

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The DIY Hat: Party Favor Prototype

I am making party favors for my sister-in-laws baby shower tomorrow. I’m sure you do this too … before you make 30+ favors, you make a prototype. Meaning, you create one favor to see how it looks. Make edits accordingly, then when you are satisfied, you begin to mass produce. Well … before I order 125 mini “chippers” from Paradise […]

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