Two (fashionable) Peas in a Pod

It was a tie over who was dressed cuter the other day. Sabrina picked up Kelsey for a Starbucks date and we had to laugh because they were dressed so much alike. Tan boots. Check. Grey top. Check. Adorable. Check. Check.

Kelsey’s skirt, top and headband are from H&M and her boots from Gap. I just couldn’t help myself … naturally, I made them pose before they left for their coffee/ chocolate milk date.

HM KidsHM Kids

HM KidsHM KidsHM Kids

The Family Hat: Yes, Your Heiness

Snow White came to visit this morning. She’s a lot more sassy than Belle is. In fact, she demands that I am Prince Charming, my husband is Dopey. And Colton? Well, that’s the best part. She insists that we call him The Queen. Poor guy. I wonder if he’ll pay her back when he’s older and demand that she plays trucks, trains and automobiles with him.

snow white dress up snow white dress upsnow white dress up snow white dress up