The Friendship Hat: She’s Crafty

Yesterday I had a date with my girlfriend, Teri. The plan was to visit the fabric store for “Mickey-themed” fabric for Kelsey’s 2nd birthday. We found this amazing red and white polka dot print (a la Minnie’s dress) that is going to work perfectly for my tables (more on that later).

As I arrived at T’s house, I had a mini gift waiting for me. Fashion-forward hair pins (that she made herself). Learn how to make them here. I sported my new sequins hair flair this morning to church. I love them.

The Inspirational Hat: I’m Awe Struck over Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck

More than a photo. Not quite a video. That’s an animated cinemagraph. NYC photographer, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have me up all night … feelin’ oh-so inspired. Their cinemagraphs are beautiful. I just can’t get enough. Have you seen them yet?

You’ll want to check out Jamie’s blog, From Me To You  and view samples of their cinemagraphs. If you love fashion, art and photography, you’ll be hooked! Golly, some people have talent just oozing out of their fingers.

This photo is so lovely.

The Working Mom Hat: Business Clothes

I buy a lot of work essentials from Banana Republic. I like how their clothes mean business while still maintaining style and sophistication. It’s important for me to remain polished at work while having a personality in what I wear. Besides, 2009 was an entire year filled with maternity dresses, ballet flats and cardigans, so you can understand my excitement to be shopping normal again. I just came across this outfit from Banana and I fell head over loafers for it.

Leopard button down – $79
Black bow skirt – $85
High-heel penny loafer (love!) – $128

I have to cheat on Banana when it comes to the bag. I would pair this with the Poppy leather pushlock tote from Coach. A huge, loving thank you to my mother-in-law for gifting me this perfect purse.

The Fashion Hat: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Here’s a fun video for the weekend: 25 ways to wear a scarf. I loved watching it and learned a couple new tricks. Look out for them this winter! Have a wonderful weekend full of pumpkin carving, Halloween parties and lots of calorie-free chocolate candies.

The Fashion Hat: MK iPhone Clutch

I’m an Android, not an iPhone. Yes, yes, yes … I know. I need to switch. But, in the meantime, can all my iPhone using friends splurge on this Michael Kors case so that I can live vicariously through you. I’m tempted to pull a Cinderella-Stepsister-glass-slipper move and squeeeeze my G2 phone into this case. I love it that much.

You like? Only $80, shop here.

The Fashion Hat: Headbands She’ll Love

My baby daughter is a girlie girl, so I’m always on the hunt for cute accessories. Well, I think I found great headbands that she’ll go ga-ga for. They are all handmade with love from Lou and Lee.

I had plans to pick my favorite headband to show you, like this peach chiffon headband complimented by lace and pearls. Darling, isn’t it?

Then I saw this one.

And this one.

And this one.

Oh, and this one!

Don’t you just love the pretty felt bow, the sequins and the itty bitty band? I do. I do!

Before you know it, I started to wonder … do I like these for baby or for me? Good thing the designer can make adult sizes too. Like them as much as I do? Just visit this Etsy shop, pick your favorite style, let the designer know if it’s for a baby, child, or an adult and you’ll have a wonderful handmade headband in no time.

Photo credit: Lou and Lee

The Parenting Hat: Anything I can’t do, maybe she can?

Oh, how I wish I could sing, dance, draw, paint and illustrate. This is something I would draw, if I could. Vintage fashion illustrations from Lauren Maurer. So pretty. So feminine. So wonderful. For now, I’ll just dream and hope that Kelsey can do this one day. That’s right: I will plan to live vicariously through my daughter. Isn’t that part of the fun of parenting?  She will be a singer, painter, illustrator, fashion designer, model, doctor and CEO of a major company. All in one lifetime.
No pressure, kid.

Looking at those images above, I am reminded of my all-time FAVORITE scene in Disney’s Cinderella: The scene where the mice make her dress. I loved it.

The Fashion Hat: How to Pronounce Ralph Lauren

Are you ready for a random fashion fact? I used to work for Michael Kors, so you can quote me on this: The way you properly pronounce Ralph Lauren is to say Ralph Lore-IN. Just like a girl’s first name (my sister-in-law’s name, to be exact). You do not pronounce it Lor-WREN, as in Sophia Loren the actress. I feel like it’s my fashion duty to tell you this.
Why did I think of this? Because my brother bought Kelsey these adorable Polo shoes from She is about the outgrow them and I love them so much, I was browsing online to buy a new pair. Yes, this is how my mind works.