The Friendship Hat: Friends of all Ages

I could hang out with the Tings and Colby aaaaaaall day. But, three hours will just have to do. Before Colby got on her flight back to California, everyone came over for a little fun in the sun. We laid outside, sipped on Champagne and watched Kelsey do her thing.

Kelsey was so excited to hang with everyone- she brought nearly every Disney doll from her room to show them. She even brought all of her DVD’s outside. Seeing her so proud … well, that made me so proud. I loved every single thing about today.




*Ryan was tending to Colton in these photos.

The Friendship Hat: Spa-ahhh Sunday

w scottsdale wet deckbliss spa scottsdale

bliss spa

1. Sipping on “Vitamin D” cocktails at the W Scottsdale WET Deck
2. Teri and I glowing after a facial (and foot rub!) at Bliss Spa
3. The faux grass floor tiles that caught my eye

The Friendship Hat: Sip and See

The Tings came over yesterday for a sip and see. They brought the bubbly (Mimosas for girls, beer for boys) so we all could sip and see baby Colton.

I spent most of the time trying to convince Teri to join the mommy club, but so far, she only has eyes for Colton. She’s a natural at being a parent though. Danny was too! Except us girls had to keep telling him that holding Colton tight, curled up in a ball with his face shoved into your sweater might not be the most comfortable position for baby.

Here are some of the photos from our New Year’s Eve afternoon. Check out more photos on Teri’s blog.

We love you, Tings. Cheers to great friends and  to”New Orleans!”.


Colton5 Colton4 Colton3


The Working Mom Hat: Bliss-ful Event

Yesterday was a great day. My boss and I surprised our team with a day outside of our vanilla-working walls and on to the WET deck of a pretty cool hotel, W Scottsdale.

We The girls sipped on winter cocktails and we all nibbled on yummy bites inside a private cabana. In true girl fashion, Bliss Spa surprised everyone with a gel manicure (they even set up shop inside the cabana so we didn’t have to leave our space).

We got a sneak peek at CHILL – W Scottsdale’s new hybrid ice skating rink, which officially opened later that night. We were supposed to ice skate on the rink, but the dang thing wasn’t ready yet. Bummer aside, it was truly a fun day spent with my working family – and my ever-expanding one. Check out that belly!

The Wellness Hat: Savor the Moments

Last night, I was a hypocrite. I’ll tell you what happened. The Tings came over for a dinner party and so did Kelsey. After about 4 cry-at-the-top-of-your-lung moments of missing mommy (see post here), my parents thought it was best to bring her home.

Teri had just told me the story about a friend in Orange County. It’s not my story to tell, so I’ll just tell you this – on Friday morning, she passed away. She was hit by a car as she was riding her bike. It’s truly devastating. And I know her family and friends’ hearts are breaking, as she was only 29 years old.

After we tucked Kelsey into bed, the four of us stayed up late chatting about life, love, relationships and about our friend. After the Tings left for the night, Ryan and I – with heavy hearts – went to bed.

I lay awake for what felt like hours and prayed. And cried. And prayed some more. But, I couldn’t get my heart to slow down and find solace. So, contrary to what I posted about yesterday, I did the exact opposite. I walked down the hall at midnight and crawled into Kelsey’s twin bunk bed. As I lay down beside her, I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I prayed some more.

I prayed God would take some of my angels and give them to her – whatever it takes to keep her extra safe, protected and in His care … always. Then, I just listened. I listened to the beating of her heart and watched her sweet face as she slept. Suddenly, I found the solace I so desperately was looking for. I woke up about 3 hours later and stumbled back down the hall into my own bed.

As I crawled back into bed – which felt like a cloud compared to hers – I giggled at the irony. I literally posted yesterday that I would never let her come into my bed and sleep with me. Yet, I went into hers. Moms can change the rules if they want to, right?

I woke up this morning to find Kelsey and Ryan eating breakfast and watching cartoons. Everything is as it should be. Everything is good. I glanced over at this candle that Teri brought over and I’m reminded of our night.

I’m reminded of how we all promised to seize the day, eat that extra piece of dessert, live life to the fullest and savor all the sweet moments. Just like this candle, I vow to burn bright no matter what the situation – life’s too precious to not live each day as if it were your last.

The Girlfriend Hat: Baby Shower for Hillary

There’s our mom to be, Hillary, opening her gifts. We had such a great morning celebrating with her at The Herb Box. I indulged in red velvet pancakes and – along with all of the other ladies – oohed and ahhed over all the darling little girl things she received.

Congratulations, Hillary!

The Friendship Hat: Creative Kristin

First, let me just say that I am always smitten when I receive a letter from a friend. I’m talking about a real letter. Like, in the mail. Friday I came home to a letter from a sorority sister of mine, Kristin.

In October of 2000, we were going through Alpha Phi Initiation. Just before the night began we were asked to write letters to our “future self” about how we felt in the present moment. Kristin was tasked to hold on to these letters for ten years (I have no clue how she managed that) and then find us all ten years later to send them out.

Well, I  just received my letter (impressive, Kristin). And not only do I love the letter, but I love how much creative effort she put into making this note a special gift.

She used a darling print for my address, her return address was embossed on the back, there was a hand-made note inside (I could go on and on and on). But, pictures do her efforts more justice.

Click here to read more and see photos!!!

Oh, how I love being the recipient of my creative friends’ projects. As for what I wrote msyelf? Pretty hilarious.

Thank you, Kristin!

The Friendship Hat: Ashley’s Baby Shower

Yep. Ashley looked like a Princess, even three months shy of giving birth. Her baby shower was remarkable. Beautiful. Stunning. Sophisticated and full of heart. Just like she is. Ashley spoke about God, family, love and her soon-to-be son. I had tears in my eyes as she shared her love with us.

This baby is a blessing for her and her husband and I know – without a doubt – that this child will be born into a world of love. She would give her all for him, and it was so great to see, celebrate and laugh at her baby shower. Congratulations, Ashley. You make one beautiful mommy.