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Last night we ditched our plans and had a wonderful family picnic outside. In celebration of Family Day today, it was important to step away from the homework, iPhones, TV shows, laundry, swim/gym/soccer practice and just be still, together.  We were excited to partner with to celebrate this initiative. They sent us this amazing farmer’s market gift basket by Cherry Farms Foods.

Colton immediately gravitated toward the candies and Nolan instinctively took all of the fruit and hoarded it like baseballs. Kelsey ate all of the sea salt caramel cookies (can you blame her?) and Ryan and I just indulged in this amazing Phoenix weather. We hope you too take time out of your busy schedules to celebrate Family Day today. Do a board game. Go for a walk. Whatever floats your boat as long as you’re doing it together.

*Thank you to for providing great family gifts (here) to inspire families to reconnect.

Oh, and I got half of a braid in her hair! That was a huge win. She never lets me braid her hair. Half is better than nothing, so it appears we are making some progress over here.

toddler hair - phoenix mom blog

The Friendship Hat: Friends of all Ages

I could hang out with the Tings and Colby aaaaaaall day. But, three hours will just have to do. Before Colby got on her flight back to California, everyone came over for a little fun in the sun. We laid outside, sipped on Champagne and watched Kelsey do her thing.

Kelsey was so excited to hang with everyone- she brought nearly every Disney doll from her room to show them. She even brought all of her DVD’s outside. Seeing her so proud … well, that made me so proud. I loved every single thing about today.




*Ryan was tending to Colton in these photos.

The Girlfriend Hat: Autumn Holiday Party

Teri hosted her second annual Holiday Party on Thursday. Britany and I arrived a little before seven and found ourselves mixing and mingling past 10pm. Hey, that’s late for us these days. It was fabulous and fashionable way to kick off the holiday season. Thanks to Mr. Ting for bringing the pooch home early for some entertainment and some good laughs. Even if Hunty nearly ripped my tights with his claws.

Love you all. xo

I swear Teri and I didn’t call each other to coordinate.

Patient little Hunter waiting for left-overs.

The Shopper Hat: Kiddie Toy for Summer

If you don’t have the Little Tikes Beach Balloon, I would recommend it. Kelsey’s Aunt Lauren bought it for her last year. You hook it up to your hose and it creates a big, balloon-like sprinkler in your yard. It’s so much fun. Kelsey loved running up to it, hitting it and then running away. A must-have summer kids toy.