More than just a hair salon

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Let me introduce you

The passion that pours out of Saskia Salon is something to be desired. Saskia has been my hair dresser for over nine years now and she has seen me through highlights, lowlights and everywhere in between. She knew me before marriage, before kids, before postpartum hair loss (it’s a real thing).

Through the years, I have seen Saskia master jobs at Australia and New York Fashion Week. I’ve known her through Redken hair classes, top educational workshops and Kevin Murphy Diamond Key accolades. I’ve been pretty fortunate to see her star rise over the years. Most recently, watching her own salon grow into a success.

Saskia is not only one of the best hair stylists in Phoenix and her salon is not just a pretty place with purple walls … she is a passionate, creative genius who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her salon emulates that. I truly love going to Saskia Salon – not only for the great color, cut and blow dry, but to see a busy salon full of “glamazons” who work harder than anyone in the business. And, not to mention Susan at the front desk offers you a latte when you walk in.

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Saskia Salon saskia salon

Thank you, Saskia

For making me over today, for always being all smiles, and for keeping my “Arizona blonde” hair far, far away from brassy while still maintaining a “glow”. I appreciate you more than you know and I always leave your salon feeling more inspired than the moment I walked in. Oh, and thank you for talking me out of bangs, Nicole Kidman ‘red’ and for not letting me chop my hair in desperate hours of ‘wanting change.’ You’re the best.

If you’re looking for a new stylist in the Valley. She’s your girl. Visit for contact information.

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

This is a different kind of Motivational Monday post. It’s meant to give you some hair-inspiration. You see, I visited Cara Loren’s blog once and now I’m hooked. Although, she’s one of those gals where you leave her blog, look in the mirror and think, man – my hair really sucks.

She does, however, have an inspiring blog if you’re up to try new and fun hairstyles. I really like her online tutorials. Super simple and easy to emulate. I just watched her Top Knot online tutorial (since Top Knots are apparently the new thing). My daughter, Kelsey was even sporting one this weekend at dinner.

Give it a whirl. But seriously though, make sure you tell yourself – Cara Loren’s hair isn’t normal. No one’s hair looks like that. Right?

View her Top Knot video tutorial. First photo is via Cara Loren’s blog.

The All-About-Me Hat: Chopped the Mop, 5 Inches

It’s a strange thing being a mom. You come last. You have big plans for your blog. Like, taking great photos of the new hairstyle you just spent all morning creating. And then … you remember, you come last. Your blog is even farther in the pecking order.
This morning, I came home from the salon to find Kelsey bug teething – hardcore. She’s been tugging at her left ear and screaming when I lie her down to change her diaper. I needed to take her to the doctor – that was a no brainer. As we’re driving to the doctor. It begins to pour rain.

My hair (fresh with a new set of ‘swoop’ bangs) needs a bobby pin. And a bobby pin STAT. I pin-up my new swoop and think – there go my plans for a photo. But, nevermind that – I have a baby to get to the doctor. I wrap Kelsey in my scarf (because no one owns an umbrella where I live) and we enter the doctor’s office.

“She’s happy and well”, says the doctor. No ear infection, no temperature, no problem. I sigh with a big relief and we’re out the door.
Flash forward six hours and we’ve played where-did-you-hide-mommy’s-cell-phone, read a book, climbed the stairs, watched the rain, snuggled on the couch, sat on the cat, ate dinner, gone from toy to toy and sang “twinkle, twinkle little star” until mommy was blue in the face..

And here we are – late at night and still no picture. So, here it goes nothing.
I took a photo of myself at the end of this eventful day. Keep in mind: I’m not a model. I’m not a photographer. I am an incredibly busy mom who just got her hair styled only to pull it back in a pony tail. I cut 5 inches off and scored bangs. It’s a New Year, a new look – and I’ll have better photos soon!
Thanks for listening and for the support as I lost my long locks. Kind of.

Here is a before look.