Phoenix Halloween Costume Drive, Benefiting Children in Foster Care

I am writing this post to see if you have old Halloween costumes lying around your house. If you do, please consider donating your used (or new!) Halloween costumes for foster kids in the Phoenix area. Grade Potential kindly reached out to share the great news that they collect and distribute hundreds of Halloween costumes each year to local area children to make their Halloween fun and memorable. I think I made it through four words of their email before I was jumping out of my chair looking for ways I could help.

There are three Halloween costume drive drop off locations:

A Place to Call Home
1830 S. Alma School Rd. #122
Mesa, AZ 85210
(480) 456-0549
Drop off hours: M-F 8am – 5pm
(480) 456-0549

HRT Foster Care
1951 W. Camelback Rd
Suite 450
Phoenix, AZ 85015
(602) 433-1344 ext 147
Drop off hours: M-F 9am – 5pm
(602) 433-1344 ext 147

HRT Foster Care
2131 E. Broadway Road
Suite 14
Tempe, AZ 85282
Drop off hours: M-F 9am – 5pm
(602) 433-1344 ext 147

Costumes are accepted between September 25th and November 17th (for the next season). You can learn more on their website, here. Please, please, please consider donating your old Halloween costumes – or maybe even picking up a new one while you’re out shopping for your kids.

Speaking of costumes, I want so badly for Nolan to love his Elmo costume but by the looks of things … we may have to find another option. Or, maybe he’s just teething and grumpy. As soon as his stubborn molars come in, I’ll try again. What do your kids want to be this year? Kelsey wants to be a witch princess (?) and Colton wants to be Flash, Hulk and Darth Vader. Oh boy.

Halloween Kid Costumes

Halloween Kids Costume Elmo

Halloween Kid Costumes

Elmo looking at Elmo. Mind blown.

Halloween Kid Parties!

It’s the weekend before Halloween which means our children have once again dominated our social calendar. It’s filled with school events and kid costume parties. We are so grateful for this though. It is truly what we live for these days. Tonight, our friends invited us over for wine in skeleton glasses (they so get us) and a pre-party before the kids school event. Every year I say this, and every year I mean this, there is nothing more adorable than kids in costume.

Here are a few photos from our first Halloween party of 2016!

mom blog halloween costumes

BTW, Colton has no clue (or doesn’t care) that this dog is about to lick his ear. Ha!

mom blog halloween costumes

They are the best of friends. They have been in the SAME class since they were one-years-old.

mom blog halloween costumes

mom blog halloween costumes

mom blog halloween costumes

mom blog halloween costumes

mom blog halloween costumes

mom blog halloween costumes

I bought Ryan this “Iron Man” shirt only to be told that it’s actually “Flash” – whoever that is. I’ve got to work on my Superhero knowledge. Disney Princesses are more my thing.

mom blog halloween costumes

What a great start to the weekend!

Happy Halloween from the Cross Family!

happy halloween - many hats of a mom blog

I just wanted to say Happy Halloween from our family to yours. I know y’all are having a blast because my Facebook and Instagram news feeds are blowing up with photos of kids in costumes – nothing better than that! We went to Kelsey’s school last night for a “Pumpkin Walk” and before we left, we snapped a few photos of our first Halloween as a party of five!

happy halloween mom blog

I put Nolan in a bat hat and a ‘peek a boo’ shirt. The coolest part? I had no idea this was a glow-in-the-dark onesie until the sun set and he started the glow.

many hats of a mom blog

“Everyone make a silly face!” Well, except you, Nolan, because you’re a baby. And you too, Colton, because you’re stuck inside of a mask. PS – Do you see me pushing the remote on my camera? I was too focused on holding Nolan and supporting Kelsey that I totally didn’t hide that well at all. Oopsy.

maleficent disney kids costume

When Kelsey came home and said she wanted to be Maleficent for Halloween, I was shocked. I thought for sure she would want to be Elsa or something super girlie. Nope. She even said, “Mom, can you make a bird and put it on my shoulder?” She had this in her head and I’m so happy we were able to find a Maleficent kids costume to make it work. Aaaaand she’s never allowed to put on makeup again because she looks like she’s 16. I’m not ready for that.

Happy Halloween, friends!


Halloween Craft Idea

I was at the Dollar Store last night looking for really cheap Halloween decorations. I found these white, plastic skeletons for … well, a dollar. I grabbed three. They looked as cheap as they were, so I touched them up with metallic gold spray paint and voila! Much better. Tip: Since the arms are bendable, you just need to get into the creases (note: see the white marks on its shoulder, I need to do another coat but it’s raining outside, so I’ll wait).

Sam – this post is for you, my fellow crafty friend.

Halloween Craft Ideas - Mom Blogger

Halloween 2014


We had a really interesting Halloween. Every year (every year!) someone gets sick. About two weeks ago, Ryan and I were folding laundry when I turned to him and said, “Isn’t it cool that no one has gotten sick in a while?” The minute those words left my lips, I knew I had just jinxed us. Fast forward to Halloween.

halloween - mom blog

We had a great school parade – Colton’s class did their parade at 9am and Kelsey’s did theirs at 3pm (thanks school planning committee for that fun time difference), so this mom balanced three conference calls and 2 parades, and got the house ready to host a party for our family. The parade was adorable. Seriously, what is cuter than little kids in costume? After their school parades, I brought the kids home and we started getting ready to go trick-or-treating. About 10 minutes before we left the house, Colton started coughing. Like, really coughing. Croup-coughing. Dang it.

halloween - mom blog

Colton got sick. So sick that his fever spiked to 100 degrees. I was ready to call it a night and stay in with him, when he perked up. He really wanted to go. So, we gave him some medicine and got his fever down, put him in pajamas, and then let him ride in a little red wagon while we went door-to-door with his sister and their cousins. It all worked out, and in fact, it was Colton who was the one with all the energy towards the end of the night. The kids got a ton of candy (thanks for the Almond Joys, Kels) and we got to watch them with such joy, go door to door and celebrate the season. It was another great Halloween on the books.

halloween - mom blog

halloween - mom blog

halloween - mom blog halloween - mom blog halloween - mom blog

The Cross’ at the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch | Many hats of a mom blog Pumpkin Patch pumpkin patch | Many hats of a mom blogPumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids (and their fangs) to the Pumpkin Patch the other night after school, we let them pick out pumpkins to carve. Little did we know, they would later abandon us about 3 seconds after we started carving pumpkins, leaving Ryan and I do finish the rest. Oh well, we sure had fun running around picking out the perfect pumpkins.

Colton tried to pick up every pumpkin and then carried them to this wheelbarrow he spotted at the front of the tent. Meanwhile, I was watching Kelsey like a hawk as she picked up her pumpkins. You see, last week our kitchen stool fell on her big toe – which lead to lots of bleeding, stitches and painful shots. The mommy in me could just picture her picking up a pumpkin and then dropping it on her toe (she didn’t) but that’s all I was focused on.

The crisp air, the fall colors … I love all of this excitement around the holidays because after today we are that much closer to Christmas! Happy Halloween, everyone. Be safe, eat lots of sugar, and enjoy the last day of October.

Pumpkin patch last year (here), and before that (here) and before that (here).

The Family Hat: Little Pumpkins

Kelsey and her cousin Connor are best friends. They are 6 months apart and treat each other like brother and sister. Last night, they both had a sleepover at their Papa’s house. They carved pumpkins, made cookies, read books and fought over who got what Lego. My father-in-law snapped these photos this morning. Love them!

mom blogmom blogmom blog

Kelsey’s “Spooky House”

Yesterday, Kelsey and I decorated the entire house for Halloween. We put up pumpkins, ghosts and fall candles. Then, she started to dig into our box of decorations reserved for the front yard (that’s all Ryan’s doing). Instead of helping Ryan in the front, she took out the decorations and started decorating her backyard playhouse.

Who was I to stop her? She kept singing, “I’m making a spooky house. Making a spooky house …” She was so excited and I was kind of impressed by her creativity. Well … this morning, the holiday Grinch (Ryan) came downstairs and tore down her spooky house! It’s 7am, mind you.

He says he “needs more space to seed the grass.” Rude! What a holiday buzz kill. I have a feeling that Kelsey and I will be at Michael’s today buying more decorations specific to her backyard house. And Mr. have-to-seed-the-grass-at-7am won’t be allowed to touch them.

In the meantime, how cute was her house?
 .halloween with kids halloween with kidshalloween with kids halloween with kidshalloween with kids halloween with kidshalloween with kids