The Parenting Hat: Halloween Parade!

Seeing Kelsey and her friends march around school in their costumes was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Here are some photos from Kelsey at the annual Halloween School Parade.

Doing some morning twirls before going to school.

We arrived at school without a tantrum and in full costume!

This is one of her best friends, Collin.

Boy does she love to boss around the boys.

I love everything about this photo.

Sitting with her other bff, Raegan.

Nanni made her beautiful bun!

All smiles! And all sugared up from the party.

The Mom Hat: Halloween Dilema, Take 2

This is turning out to be the most expensive Halloween ever. My 2 1/2 year old has changed her mind on what she wants to be for Halloween three times. And yes, we have bought a costume each time. First up, was a snow angel. It is such a pretty white costume with fairy wings and the whole nine yards. Then, she changed her mind.

She wanted to be a ballernia. So, my girlfriend at work loaned us a ballernia outfit and shoes. I bought pink tights and hair pins for her hair. And was getting really excited for this new  costume. Then, she just changed her mind.

She came home from school today saying that she wanted to be Rapunzel. Now, I’m all for variety, but this is getting ridiculous. I like to be prepared and now I’m that mom running out the weekend before Halloween looking for a costume. I can’t return any of the others because my fear is we’ll have a tantrum if I do. Spoiled? Yes. You can say it. It’s true.

Lesson learned: Don’t buy the costume until the week before.

Remember the issue I had last year? Oh, but she eventually wore her costume and it was DARLING. See? Keep your fingers crossed I get her into something she loves this year.

The Holiday Hat: Halloween fever

Because I’m sure your front yard looks like this too? Thanks to my festive husband … love the effort, but chains on the light? What’s not pictured are more graves, a flying ghost, orange lights around the garage and a pre-lit skull head in our front window. I’m not lying.

The Pregnancy Hat: Halloween temptation

I’m 8 months pregnant and my husband comes home with Halloween candy from Costco. It’s like the motherload of Halloween candy and I’m told, “don’t eat any until Halloween”. Umm … okay? I’ll just let these chocolate pieces of heaven sit there unopened. I wonder how long I’ll last. Any bets?

The Holiday Hat: Too Soon to Decorate?

Your Facebook news feed might be full of people complaining about holiday decorations already in retail stores. But you won’t see any of those posts from me. Because Halloween decorations = fall. Which = cooler weather. Which equates to me being that much closer to being done with this uncomfortable amazing pregnancy number 2.

That said, I put these adorable little men on my mantle and my husband immediately ran up to them and said, “Nooooo! It’s way too early for this. Steph, come on, at least wait until summer is over.” Do you agree with him?

I just put them back on the mantle regardless. Shh.

The Parenting Hat: Trick or Treat

It was our first time trick-or-treating as parents! We went door to door with our little bug and her cousin, Connor. Let me tell you, another amazing first for us. What a blast!!! Every time Kelsey would get candy at the doorstep of a neighbor, she would turn to me and say “mo, mo, mo (more).” She was so excited and energetic. Which made Ryan and I love this holiday even more.

My favorite photo! She squatted down to see the skull inside the chest.

The Holiday Hat: Kelsey’s Costume

Those legs! Those tights! I could eat her up.

Smile! Or, don’t.

Holding her friend, Avery’s hand.

I took the morning off work to visit Kelsey’s school for the Halloween Festival. If you haven’t seen toddlers parading around school in costumes then you have been missing out! It was a riot. Probably one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

I arrived around 9:30am and put Kelsey into her “Blossom Fairy” costume. We went from classroom to classroom showing off the kids. She loved it! Every moment of it. From holding Avery’s hand to having mommy right by her side. I just love seeing the holiday’s through a child’s eyes.

PS – She is almost 2 years old. I can’t believe it.

The Holiday Hat: Spider Rings with Bling

click photo to enlarge

Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I went where any girl would go: the mall. While at Z Gallerie, I found these darling spider rings. I thought to myself, “Kelsey would love these.” And then I thought, “Wait a minute. I love these!” So, I bought two! Two blinged out, creepy, crawly spider rings. For Halloween, of course.

Although they would make a cool desk ornament …