The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Sorry, it’s been a while since I did a Motivational Monday post. Mostly because I was lacking a little inspiration myself. But I saw this print and just had to bookmark it. It’s so true!

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In the blogger community, it’s easy to look at another lifestyle blog, another cooking blog or even a wedding blog and think – “Why can’t I ….”. Well, enough of that. Just be yourself. Who cares if you have 1 follower or 1 million, as long as you’re being true to yourself and writing what you feel.

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Doesn’t she sound fabulous? This is what I want to be today! I’m posting one day early (Sunday) since I’ll be out of commission tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be celebrating too! There won’t be cocktails, but there might be confetti all around! Colton will be born tomorrow.


I’m getting induced sometime between midnight tonight and 8am tomorrow. 41 weeks of pregnancy has been fun and all, but considering Kelsey was born (on her due date) and weighed over 9lbs, we can’t take many chances.

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and nice comments as we embark on an incredible new journey of having kids (plural!). My prayer is for a healthy baby boy in my arms by tomorrow night.

God bless. xo

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Image from Fabulous K. PS – Here’s to hoping one day she designs blog templates and graphic designs for WordPress. Currently, Fabulous K only designs for blogger. Sad face.

The Optomistic Hat: A Happy Exercise

Today, choose joy. Here’s how: Hold up your hand and name five things that make you happy. They can be big or small. Silly or serious. Whatever they are, look at each finger as you name them off.

Really focus on how awesome each “thing” is. I promise this will help lift your spirits … and I bet you can’t narrow it down to just five.

I’ll go first. 5 things that make me happy today.

1.  Kelsey’s funky hair do’ this morning
2.  My morning Starbucks venti skinny vanilla latte
3.  I have the day off work (hurray)
4.  I’m this close to kicking my nail-biting habit
5.  I have a Chipotle buy one get one free coupon 

You’re turn.

It’s really as simple as that. Maybe I’ll do this every morning. Now, there’s a thought. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself.

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

It’s a good day to be alive, wouldn’t you agree? It’s Monday. Let’s make it a good one. Did you get your coffee yet? Good. Now go on, seize the day!

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The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Oops. I almost forgot to post this. You know, being busy with the holiday and all. But, it’s very important we don’t miss a beat. Everyone needs a little inspiration, even if you are currently surrounded by holiday love. Enjoy!

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