My favorite corner of our house

mom blogger in phoenix

mom blogger in phoenix

This is my favorite spot in the house. It’s an itty bitty corner off of the kitchen that tends to be my resting spot. It’s got a cozy little chair, a Christmas tree and a perfect spot for my coffee. Which, by the way, is always brewing at my house lately. Today, kids wouldn’t nap … it was rainy and gloomy outside … and the coffee was keeping me going. What do you do around 3pm anyway? You know, when it’s too late for coffee and too early for wine. You just wait it out I guess … or pop open the bottle early. That’s what we do.

Fun School Lunchbox Idea

School Lunches Idea Tip
School Lunches Idea

I got this idea from a family friend who used to be a Kindergarten teacher. I loved it so much that I incorporate it into my weekly routine with Kelsey. Gather all of the themed napkins you have left over from past parties and place a different napkin into your child’s lunchbox each day! It’s fun for them to open their lunches and see a new napkin. Kelsey said the “kissing penguin” napkin is her favorite. That one was left over from a New Year’s Eve Party that we hosted a loooong time ago, back when Ryan and I were still cool.

Enjoy this fun tip!

Kelsey’s Family Portrait / Children’s Art

children's artwork - many hats of a mom blogger

childrens artwork - many hats of a mom blogger

A child’s artwork is so insightful, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I always analyze my kids artwork when they come home. I guess I’m looking for clues that they are indeed happy. I’ve probably watched too many crime shows that always start with signs in kids art that they are miserable. Like, if she started drawing black clouds, skulls, fire-breathing monsters pointed at mom … that sort of thing. Is that insane of me to admit?

Anyway, no signs of anything crazy over here. Kelsey came home with this drawing of our family yesterday and I LOVE it. We are all standing in the rain, holding umbrellas, underneath a beautiful rainbow. I love how she always draws us in order by height and she always paints a scene around us.

The best part about this one is how she drew her baby brother, Nolan. She put him in my arms!! See it? I about rolled over in happy tears when she brought this one home. I love it because that is exactly how she sees our family. This picture deserves a frame, for sure.

Not-so-Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

Funny story: I tried taking “newborn photos” of my little, Nolan Ryan Cross. The thing is, he’s 17 days old and he is already over 11lbs and 23 inches. Which means, all of the cute baskets and “newborn poses” that I put him in just looked ridiculous. Let’s face it: he doesn’t look like a newborn. So … I scrapped the traditional newborn photos and just took pics of him doing his thing.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

He also wouldn’t sleep. Aren’t you supposed to get photos of them sleeping? I kind of like the photos of him more aware though. I like seeing into those baby blues. His expressions make me giggle.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

My best friend, Angie’s mother gave us this dog from Anthropologie at my daughter’s baby shower (five years ago!). I love how this little pup has made his way into the arms of each of my three children.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Many Hats of a Mom Blog

Mom blog - Arizona

We call his feet “puppy paws” – big feet for such a young baby. He will soon grow into these puppy paws of his.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

How cute are these anchor diapers from The Honest Company? The girls at my work gifted us these and I love them. Sadly, this will be my only pack. If you know my husband, you’ll know that he would never pay double for diapers just to get a cute, printed booty. So, I’ll just enjoy these while they last.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom
Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

We just love this little man so much. Our family is complete. xo

First day of Kindergarten

School days

It’s actually taking everything I have not to run over to Kelsey’s kindergarten class and peek through the windows like a creep to see how she is doing. I’m horrible. She did amazing today, really amazing. This kind of milestone is always harder on us moms, am I right?

This morning, she took her first steps into kindergarten. My dad came with me to drop her off and it was him who was stuck carrying her lunchbox, school supplies and backpack. That’s what grandpa’s are for. I actually made it through the playground and to her classroom door without crying. That is, until I realized that she didn’t even need me.

As the bell rang, she sprinted her to her classroom door. There were so many parents and kids that I had to squeeze through the crowd of people just to catch a glimpse of her. “Kelsey! Kelsey! Over here!” I shouted. She looked up at me and smiled.

That’s when the waterworks (for me) came. In that moment, I was so proud. Proud that she didn’t need me. Proud that she was so excited to start this new chapter and proud that she has become so independent. But, secretly devastated that I would never get this day back again. In fact, I’m crying now just thinking about it.

How do they get so big? And so fast? Why can’t we just freeze time. Why is it so impossible for me to let her grow up? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom who keeps asking those questions. Well, only 27 minutes to go before her school bell rings and I get to hear all about her day (but whose counting?). I have the luxury of working from home today and starting my workday super early so I can pick her up on this very, very special day after school.

School days

School Days

School Days 6
PS – I swear her backpack isn’t thaaaat big. Promise.

Kindergarten Supplies + a Printable

school supplies

Eek!!! Kelsey starts school soon! We are getting ready around here. I just downloaded the school supply list, ordered her backpack + lunchbox and started getting super excited for this big milestone in her life.

Ryan thinks $100 is ridiculous to spend on a backpack, lunchbox and water bottle but if he had it his way she would bring a paper sack to school (“What?” he’d say, “It’s cheaper.”) Kelsey and I had fun shopping for her backpack. We looked at over 15 styles and in the end, she decided on this horse backpack, water bottle and matching lunchbox.

school supplies

I found the chalkboard first day of school printable on Etsy that I’m excited to use to snap a pic of Kelsey on her first day. I see parents doing that all the time and I think that’s such a wonderful keepsake to have – a photo of her on her first day and her last of kindergarten. I wonder if I’ll do this for all of my kids, or if this is just a first-time-mom thing. The print is here if you want it – only $7 for the digital download.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

After National Donut Day yesterday, we kept the celebration going with left overs and Saturday morning cartoons. It’s hilarious these days, because Colton insists on sitting on Kelsey’s lap. She’s such a good sport! Although, I wonder how patient she’ll be with two brothers … we’ll soon see!



Kelsey Graduates Pre-K


I cried. I did. Although, I didn’t cry at her graduation, but rather on my way home from work yesterday, just thinking about her graduation. She’s getting so big, so quick and I am overwhelmed with pride when I think of all she has learned and done in her 5 years.

Graduation 2

That … and the fact that her teachers gave me this print out where she said she wants to be “mommy” when she grows up. Is there a better reward than that? This girl is so incredibly bright. So smart! She is going to run laps around me. PS – Look at all of her favorite colors. Ha. I think you’re just supposed to pick one, but whatever.

Graduation 3

Graduation 4

Seeing Colton watch with such endearment as his big sister got her diploma made my heart melt even more. And seeing him take flowers up to her as she performed on stage was the best. Even though parenting is tough work (many sleepless nights) you get moments like this where you think, we must be doing something right.