Underwood Family Photos

With the cutest little baby girl you ever did see (and one on the way!), I had a great time photographing the Underwood family and Grace’s personality. We talked about baby names and tried to keep up with little Grace as she explored the entire ranch we were on. Here are just a few of the photos from our day!

phoenix photography family holiday photos

DSC01724 b small

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family photographer arizona

phoenix photography family holiday photos

phoenix photography family holiday photos

The Garell Family Holiday Photos

I’m on maternity leave which means I have time for some extra projects. I decided to take family holiday photos this year. It’s a creative outlet for me and a way to give people ever lasting memories with their families. Here’s a little glimpse into a photo shoot I did in downtown Gilbert with the Garell family. Love, love, love this family. And those baby blue eyes on baby, Camille? Precious.







family holiday photos - phoenix photographer


Huge thanks to the Garell family for allowing me to do something I love and for giving up their morning for family holiday photos. Oh, and for the coffee at Liberty Market. You know the way into a girl’s heart. Ha.

Our New Family Travel Tradition

Artifact Uprising - Many Hats of a Mom Blogger

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love taking photos. But, what I haven’t been good at is printing these photos. Especially after a family vacation. I usually have hundreds of pictures that I don’t really know what to do with. Pair that with the fact that I love going over to my mom’s house and flipping through shelves upon shelves of our (printed) family photo albums.

Rewind to a few months ago when I discovered Artifact Uprising – an online company specializing in photo books, prints and photo gifts. It was like I found my soul mate. I found a company who also loves the tangible and actually inspires people to get photos off of their phones and into print.

I’m nearly a year late to the game, but I recently took our Disneyworld family vacation photos (from December 2014!!) off of my computer and into a coffee table book. The book just arrived and I’m overwhelmed with how great it turned out. The quality is amazing. It’s 50 pages of memories that I will cherish, forever.

In fact, it made me start a new tradition: Every time we travel as a family, I’m going to make a new coffee table book. My goal is to have my kids look back years later and see an entire bookshelf filled with memories of the places we’ve ventured to. I would encourage your family to do the same. It’s easy and fun to create.

Here are some of my favorite pages! 

artifact uprising many hats mom blog

Artifact Uprising 2

I love this photo of Kelsey riding the monorail. She was looking at the Park with such wonder.

DSC00375 small

Colton threw a tantrum (top left photo) but the minute he saw Snow White, it was like nothing else mattered.

DSC00412 small

Artifact Uprising Many Hats Mom Blog

Hands down, my favorite two photos of the entire book. We were window shopping on Main Street and the entire street was lit up for the holidays. It was magic.

Artifact Uprising Many Hats Mom Blog
Artifact Uprising Many Hats Mom Blog

DSC00366 small

Thank you, Artifact Uprising, for making this process so incredibly easy. And for having instagram-friendly books too for those times I don’t bring my DSLR along for the ride. I can’t wait for our next family adventure!

Nolan’s Baby Vintage Tuxedo

baby clothes mom blog

baby clothes mom blogger

I know, I know. This is very stage mom of me to dress my itty bitty three-week old baby boy in a tuxedo, but this isn’t just any tuxedo. This is the same tuxedo that both of my younger brothers came home from the hospital in. In the 80’s. Which means, Nolan is actually wearing a ‘vintage’ tuxedo. What you can’t see is the fact that he can’t straighten his legs. It’s a bit tight. But how could I not squeeze him into this? It was a moment that I couldn’t resist.

Not-so-Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

Funny story: I tried taking “newborn photos” of my little, Nolan Ryan Cross. The thing is, he’s 17 days old and he is already over 11lbs and 23 inches. Which means, all of the cute baskets and “newborn poses” that I put him in just looked ridiculous. Let’s face it: he doesn’t look like a newborn. So … I scrapped the traditional newborn photos and just took pics of him doing his thing.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

He also wouldn’t sleep. Aren’t you supposed to get photos of them sleeping? I kind of like the photos of him more aware though. I like seeing into those baby blues. His expressions make me giggle.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

My best friend, Angie’s mother gave us this dog from Anthropologie at my daughter’s baby shower (five years ago!). I love how this little pup has made his way into the arms of each of my three children.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Many Hats of a Mom Blog

Mom blog - Arizona

We call his feet “puppy paws” – big feet for such a young baby. He will soon grow into these puppy paws of his.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

How cute are these anchor diapers from The Honest Company? The girls at my work gifted us these and I love them. Sadly, this will be my only pack. If you know my husband, you’ll know that he would never pay double for diapers just to get a cute, printed booty. So, I’ll just enjoy these while they last.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom
Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

We just love this little man so much. Our family is complete. xo

Shaun & Sabrina | Austin Engagement Photos

When my brother, Shaun, and his fiancé, Sabrina, asked me to take their engagement photos in Austin, I about peed my pants (I’m not professional, let’s be clear, but I’ll jump at any chance to photograph a special moment like this). I had so much fun running around Austin with these two – from downtown Austin, to Hotel San Jose, to the State Capitol and Lady Bird Lake … there was a photo opportunity at every turn! Here are just a few of their Austin engagement photos.

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos

His socks! I mean, could these two be any cuter? It’s not possible.

austin engagement photos

austin engagement photos


austin engagement photos

The Creative Hat: Focus, Stephanie

Are NYE resolutions like wishes? Meaning, if you say them aloud, do they still come true? Oh, I hope not. Because I want to let you in on a little resolution of mine.

My husband and I have an Olympus E-410 and I know how to use about 12% of its functions. This year, my goal is to learn more about my camera and this thing we call Photoshop. I have the tools, just need the knowledge.

I created a pinterest board (here) to bookmark online tutorials that I’ve found. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Or rather, hopefully you will start to see the progress I’m making. Any photographers in the audience? PLEASE send any tips my way.

Photo credit: Kevin & Amanda  (click on any of her photos and she tells you what setting she used. yay!)