It’s my due date!

Which doesn’t really mean much in the Cross household, as both of my other kids were late. But, I will tell you how much fun I’m going to have today. Finally  (finally, finally, finally!) I can get back at all of the strangers who said inappropriate, rude or just plain strange comments to me during my pregnancy.

For today, when they ask me, “When are you due?” I get to say, “TODAY!” and watch as their eyebrows raise and they immediately take two steps backwards. That’s right cashier at Nordstrom Rack who tried to “guess my due date” in front of everyone, I am going to pop during your shift.  And for you, lady in the snack aisle at Target, who asked if I was having twins, my water might just break all over your shoes. And for that reason alone, today is going to be a very good day. #payback


One of my favorite pictures of Nolan and I on Fourth of July.

What’s in a name

Ryan and I went through so many (so many!!) boy names before finding The One for our soon-to-be, second son. We analyzed everything. You can’t do Ross Cross, you can’t do Christian Cross (hi, religious), Ryan wanted two syllables since our last name has one and he was adamant that this name couldn’t also be a girl name (see: Peyton, Reagan, etc.). Ryan had so many requests that I’m amazed we finally picked one.

These were some close runner ups:

  • Hudson
  • Jameson
  • Carter (Although Carter Cross is a mouth full of r’s)
  • Noah
  • Spencer (My top pick! Only, it’s my brother’s name and Kelsey kept reminding us, “We already have a Spencer.”)

We finally found a name that we love. It’s a name that my father-in-law introduced us to. We heard it and were intrigued. The only issue was, we knew this boy’s middle name would be Ryan, after his dad. And together, there is already a very famous baseball player with this name. Can we do that? Can we give our son a name that someone famous already has? At first, we weren’t sure.

Then, we looked up what this name meant. The meaning behind this name is “champion” alternative meanings are “famous, noble renowned”. And that sealed the deal for us. Our little champion’s name is: Nolan Ryan Cross. I wrote it on my chalkboard in our kitchen so you know I’m serious.

Doesn’t naming your unborn child make things that much more real? I had a doctor’s appointment today and little man is transverse and kicking – rather marching around in my tummy. He’s super active already, so Lord only knows how he is going to interact with his brother, Colton. We’re going to have our hands full, that is for sure.

Some people (hi, Heidi) think I’m insane for having three kids (it’s not like I’m having 8!) but Ryan and I have always said someone is missing. And now, with baby Nolan on the way, we know our family is complete (complete … you can quote me on that). I can’t wait to meet, hold, snuggle and kiss you, Nolan! 19 more weeks!

Baby 3

Where are these cute maternity clothes?

This is more like a cry for help than a question. Where do you buy maternity clothes? And does it have to be from a shop solely online? I went to Destination Maternity and could only find snug fitting dresses that go up to a size large (and well … sometimes I don’t want to feel ‘snug’). In my state, Nordstrom doesn’t have a maternity section in their store, just online. H&M has some cute choices but they are a bit cheap in quality (what? they are. I have two shirts). So I guess it’s Target for the win, but really … that can’t be my only option.

You were or know someone who was pregnant at one point, right? Where did they shop? I want to look (and feel as great as) this mom-to-be without breaking the bank. Am I reaching for the stars, or are these looks achievable? Please help.

Maternity Clothes Maternity Clothes

All photos from Barefoot and Blonde.


Party of Five

pregnancy announcement

If you know me, then you know that I have always wanted three kids. I’m 4 months pregnant now with my third child (sounds so weird saying that) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. We find out April 7th if we’re having a girl or a boy. Kelsey thinks girl. Colton thinks boy. Mom is torn. Dad secretly wants Colton to have a brother. I’m so excited to find out, I can hardly wait!

The Labor Hat: Men and Contractions

You’ve got to watch this video. It’s genius. These two guys think women exaggerate when it comes to labor pains. They think contractions aren’t that painful. Sure. They can’t comprehend the amount of pain we go through to deliver our miracles. Well, that is about to change.

With their wives in the room, they undergo contraction simulation.Which, come to find out is a real thing. Every doubtful male should have to go through this exercise. Right, ladies?

Labor Pain Simulation from Kensington on Vimeo.

The Pregnancy Hat: Real women don’t look like Claire Danes four weeks after baby.

This morning the media is ranting and raving about how great Claire Danes looks post baby. Sure, she looks stunning and is super lean (she had a baby 4 weeks ago in this photo!) but let’s get real: This is not what the majority of women look like post pregnancy. Shoot, this isn’t what the majority of women look like now.

claire danes after pregnancy

Unless you’re a genetic freak of nature, you probably still look about three months pregnant at 4 weeks postpartum. Take me for example. This is a photo take 10 months after my daughter was born. 10 months! Not 10 weeks, folks. In this photo I still have 40 lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight. See that chin? And yes, those are maternity jeans. What? I kind of dig the elastic.

real women after pregnancy

For those on your first child, have patience and be nice to yourself. It took me over a year to lose all the baby weight. Let me say that again. It took me over a year to lose all of the baby weight.

First, I had to find the time to get on a weight loss plan (thank you Weight Watchers). Then, I had to wait until my baby was sleeping through the night. I found that without 8 hours of sleep at night, the baby bulge didn’t drop.

“You lose weight breastfeeding,” everyone would say. Nope. Not for me. My body held on to the weight like a champion. I was so concerned at one point with my lack of weight loss, that I asked my doctor to check my thyroid. Truth is, the weight does come off. Just not four weeks after having a baby.

My advice to you, new mommy, is to pat yourself on the back and get off of that scale for a while. It takes time, but with hard work, SLEEP and a little determination, you’ll be able to squeeze into a red-hot Versace number, like Claire Danes, one of these days.


This picture was taken two years after giving birth. Two. Years. It may not be Versace, but I was able to squeeze into a Calvin Klein dress (thank you Spanx). And now? I’m six weeks postpartum with baby #2, and back to being 30 lbs over my goal weight. Crazy thing is, if given the choice, I would take being over weight with a healthy and happy baby any day.

So, here’s to loving yourself no matter what your size and to being patient with the weight loss. Enjoy this precious time with your little one. Unless you have an award show to attend, you can always hit the gym another day.

Photo credit: Getty

The Family Hat: Colton has arrived!

My son is here! Colton Nicholas arrived on Monday, December 3 at 1:35pm. He was born 9lbs, 5.4 ounces and 21 inches. A big boy, indeed!

Big sister Kelsey is loving her new role. Immediately, she gravitated to Colton and showered him with kisses. I’ll never forget her expression as she entered the hospital room: her face lit up with joy! It’s truly magical to watch her be so gentle with him. We are blessed beyond belief.

To all of the nurses at Scottsdale/ Shea Hospital (especially Jerri) thank you so much! You made our labor experience very comfortable and enjoyable! We were induced at 41 weeks and spent three days at this hospital. We saw many nurses and have to say, Jerri, was the best. She was truly amazing.

















December 3 is a day we will never forget. Colton, my dear son, welcome to the world and welcome into our family. We will love you forever and always, you are truly a dream baby. So calm, so cool, so collected – you are clearly your father’s son.

Your sister came into this world with much more to say (screaming at the top of her lungs) and so far, you have been taking to your doctor’s appointments like a champion. Your energy actually helps me calm down in stressful situations. Level headed already, just like your daddy.

When Papa asked Kelsey what her favorite part of seeing Colton for the first time was, she responded with, “When they made his feet black” (she loved when the nurses took his footprints). She also recently patted my stomach and said, “Mom, do you have another Colton in there?”

No. thank. you. Mom is hanging up her pregnancy hat … for a while.

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Doesn’t she sound fabulous? This is what I want to be today! I’m posting one day early (Sunday) since I’ll be out of commission tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be celebrating too! There won’t be cocktails, but there might be confetti all around! Colton will be born tomorrow.


I’m getting induced sometime between midnight tonight and 8am tomorrow. 41 weeks of pregnancy has been fun and all, but considering Kelsey was born (on her due date) and weighed over 9lbs, we can’t take many chances.

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and nice comments as we embark on an incredible new journey of having kids (plural!). My prayer is for a healthy baby boy in my arms by tomorrow night.

God bless. xo