8 Packing Tips + a Stowaway Cosmetics Giveaway ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED, WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW***

packing tips

I work for a hotel company, which means traveling is required. It’s fair to say that I’ve picked up some good packing habits along the way. In partnership with Stowaway Cosmetics, I’m bringing you my best packing tips – tips I hope you find useful. Plus, two readers will win a starter makeup kit from Stowaway in the perfect size for traveling, and there’s a special code below for one free mascara and eyeliner with the purchase of a Stowaway Kit.

Read on for all the details. It’s about to get good.

  1. Make a list – Write down everything you need to pack for your trip. A list ensures you won’t forget anything and keeps you from over-packing. Simple enough.
  2. Go bright! My iPhone charger is the #1 thing I leave behind in a hotel room. Purchase a bright-colored phone charger for your travels. When you’re doing a quick sweep of the hotel room upon departure, you won’t miss it.
  3. Seal it in style – I use this neon X-ray bag for all of my liquids/ travel-size toiletries. When traveling with clients or co-workers, this bag is much nicer to pull out during the TSA search than a Ziploc bag. My bag is $14 from shopbop.com. It comes in yellow too.
  4. Pack 1/2 your stuff in his bag. This tip is like insurance, let’s hope you never need it, but it is smart to do. When traveling with a partner, pack half of your clothes in your bag and half of your clothes in his (and vise versa). This way, if the airline loses your luggage (or his), you’ll still have clothes to wear on your trip.
  5. Carry your cosmetics – Ladies, always have lipstick and concealer within arms reach. Especially when traveling for work. A little dab here and a little dab there and voila – no one will know you just came off of a six-hour, over-crowded flight.
  6. Don’t pack athletic shoes – Instead, stay at a Westin hotel and take advantage of their Gear Lending program. For $5, they’ll give you New Balance shoes and workout clothes to use during your stay. This means more room in your suitcase + you don’t have to skip a workout while traveling.
  7. Family travel tip – If you’re traveling with little kids, pack their pillowcase cover in your bag. When you get to the hotel, put the case on one of the hotel pillows. This helps give your child a sense of ‘home’ while on the road.
  8. Maximize space – Here are some space-saving tips: Roll clothes instead of fold them. Tuck socks, tights and underwear into shoes. Wear layers of clothing on the flight.


Speaking of saving space, let me introduce you to this new cosmetics line by Stowaway. It’s my latest obsession. Everything you see above will fit into the palm of your hand. Its portable size means it’s the perfect fit (literally) for travel. Plus, these products are designed to be finished before they expire so no more wasting product or using makeup that’s passed its due date.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Who really throws out mascara at the 3 month mark? I don’t. It’s too expensive to waste. That’s why I love Stowaway – the mascara was created in just the right size to run out before it expires. Admit it, that’s kind of genius. 

Stowaway Cosmetics MHOM blog 2 small 2

Stowaway Cosmetics MHOM blog small

If we are playing favorites, the lipsticks are mine. They are about the size of a AA battery and pack a mighty punch. They go on really smooth, so if you’re in a hurry like I always am, slow down when you put these on or you’ll apply way too much.


Just to give you a better idea of the size of Stowaway cosmetics, here is a photo of my one-month old baby, Nolan, with my makeup. I literally had to pry his baby hands open to get my eyeliner back. I think he was having just as much fun with the makeup as I was.

Now for the fun part: The giveaway

2 winners will be selected randomly to receive a Stowaway Kit (valued at $75). The kit includes six beauty essentials: BB cream, concealer, pot rouge, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara! With everything from lips to lashes, this is your little black dress of beauty. Click here to enter! 

Update: Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Brianne B. and Corinne C. Stowaway will contact you by email to send you your Starter Kit. Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Special Offer! Free Mascara and Eyeliner

Stowaway is giving Many Hats of a Mom blog readers a special offer with your purchase of the Stowaway Kit. Click here to pick your colors and start shopping (just put the eyeliner and mascara in your cart) and use promo code MANYHATS at checkout. Offer expires on 10/26/15.