The Shopper Hat: Holiday Shopping 2011

This website isn’t visually stunning, but it has many Black Friday 2011 ads  (day after Thanksgiving) from popular retailers in the United States. I’ve been looking at ads to see which one’s will make me run out of bed in a frenzy, and which retailers have their Black Friday deals online. Check this website out. Oh, and for the record, you can find my husband and I on the week of Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) shopping the toy section.

I’m a visual learner, so here’s a flowchart to help when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season. Courtesy of Mint, our online accountant. Enjoy!

The Family Hat: His and Her Weekend Plans

Today, we are almost clear from the tonsilitis bug. I caught a bad cough, which put me out of commission from doing some pretty fun stuff. Other than that, it’s been a quiet weekend at our house. Well, except for some pretty loud banging. Dad is busy tearing down our bathroom walls, and everything else he can find, as the bathroom renovation starts now.

While, Kelsey and I are busy playing dress up with these adorable new Toms shoes. We snapped this photo from our phone to show Auntie Lauren her new kicks – she bought these shoes for Kelsey. Thank you Auntie Lauren!  The shoes fit her perfectly and she loves how they sparkle.

The Shopping Hat: 25% off Philosophy

My sister-in-law is a chemist for Philosophy (my favorite skin care company). We like to call her “the nose” of the company. She creates a lot of the products. Super smart. Very talented. And such a cool job, right? Anyway, as I’m shopping online this morning I came across a great deal:  25% off all orders now thru 6/16. Sold!
Simply use promotion code philosophy25 at checkout and you can get this deal on all of my favorite products (like Purity and Hope in a Jar). My new obsession is the Kiss Me line, a lip gloss featuring SPF to protect our puckers. 

Click on the image to shop!


The Mommy Hat: Blackout Curtains

Last weekend, we went on a family hunt for window curtains that would block out the early morning sunlight. Baby’s room gets a lot of morning light, so we wanted curtains that would keep her room dark in the early morning hours. To our surprise, we found energy efficient, blackout, noise reduction curtains for $15 at Target. Noise reduction? I’m still not convinced. But, they work wonders to keep the sunlight at a minimum in the morning! .


The Mommy Hat: Slowing Down Time

Today, I had a great day off work. I spent the day with my co-workers at a Spring Training baseball game (photos to come). The best part? Getting ahead of traffic and being able to pick up my daughter from school early. As I walked in to her classroom, I found her dancing to the sounds of a musical puppet. She loves music, and now, she loves to dance.
I picked her up and we went to a furniture store that I’ve been anxious to visit. I know I know … not fun, right? But, she loved it. After we came out of the store, I spotted a little grassy area and we sat down. Just us. Two girls hanging out in the grass of an outdoor shopping center. Of course, I snapped some photos from my phone.
There was this large clock nearby that “dinged” and “donged” when it was 5:30PM. She loved the sound of the clock, but didn’t understand where it was coming from. Then, like two girls after a long day of shopping, we got up from the grass and walked away. Walked! In baby’s right hand was her sipppy cup and on her left wrist was her bracelet. Happy as can be. I reached down and put my hand to hers. She took it, and we walked hand in hand to the parking lot. Just two girls hanging out and slowing down time.
These are the moments I live for. This is the time I treasure. And to think, I get to have a lifetime of more memories like this. God is good!

The Mommy Hat: For Your Little Bookworm

I recently came across a website that I think you will love. It’s called Book Pig. It’s kind of like Netflix for books. For $15 per month, you rent children’s books, they get delivered to your door (free shipping), you read them with your children, then you return. No library card required. Plus, the site will recommend books by age, subject, grade or gender.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of building a huge children’s library of books in our home. And I’m on my way to doing so (21 books for baby already!). But for your little bookworm, who reads books faster than you can say “The End”, might be a great solution.

P.S. – I wasn’t paid to say this. I just found this site and thought it was cool.

The Working Mom Hat: Home Sweet Home

After a long flight, I’m finally back home. Traveling for work is great, but I love the feeling I get when I walk through the front door and see familiar faces. My dog. My cat. My husband. My sleeping baby and of course, the comfort of my bed! Ahhh … my own bed. Which reminds me, my husband and I are on the hunt for a new bed. We’re leaning towards the Westin Heavenly Bed. Have you slept in one? The bed is like … well, heaven.


The Shopper Hat: Exclusive Savings – Shop by Dec 1

I was shopping online when I came across a company called, pilloh! – they make eco-friendly pillows in fun, whimsical designs. I was able to virtually meet the designer who offered to give us an exclusive discount! If you love them as much as I do – shop by December 1, 2010 and enjoy exclusive savings.
These decorative pillows will make a great holiday, baby shower, or I-deserve-this-just-because gift. I’m torn between the alphabet pillow and the elephant pink pillow. Decisions … decisions … Each 14×14 pillow features 100% organic twill cover and are made with eco-friendly, water based inks. So, you can feel good about purchasing.
View the details below to learn how to get your discount.

Elephant Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Wise Owl Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Alphabet Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37 

Sit. Stay. Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Simply order your favorite design at pilloh! by December 1, 2010 and receive $5 off your total purchase. Enter BABYCROSS at check-out. Enjoy!