The Milestone Hat: Big Girl Class

Kelsey is on her second week in “big girl class”. She’s been going to the same school since she was 1 years old and two weeks ago she graduated into the next class. Which means, she has ditched the “sippy” cup and now drinks from a “big girl glass”. She eats “big girl food”, plays on the “big girl playground” and is busy making new friends.

Do you know what else this means?

It means potty training is on the horizon. Ryan and I are pretty terrified, to tell you the truth. I’ve heard stories from friends … but I have faith we’ll get through it smoothly. Too optimistic? If you don’t hear from me in about two weeks, it means we’ve gone mad trying to potty train.

Here’s to big things coming Kelsey’s way and lots of great new memories made … in big girl land.

The Mommy Hat: Little Miss Vocal

She’s a chatterbox, just like her mama. I love it when she looks me in the eye and actually has a conversation. Kinda. Yesterday, she grabbed my necklace, as I was carrying her on my hip, and she said, “pretty cool necklace mommy”. Pretty cool? I must say that more than I realize.

Little miss sponge. Little miss chatterbox. Little miss awesome.  

The Parenting Hat: Target with a Baby

Going to Target with a toddler girl means leaving the store with a pair of $6 butterfly wings that you had no intention of purchasing.

Do you leave the kids at home when you shop? Thank goodness for that dollar bin at Target.

The Parenting Hat: Valentines for Kids

Kelsey made us the best Valentine! It’s a paper pink heart, with red painting and gold glitter. I took some photos of it so we can frame it and keep it always. I love the idea of framing kids art and displaying it around the house. Someone once said, “If it evokes emotion or reminds you of a great memory … frame and display it!”

As for Valentines, this year we are not taking paper cards or candy to school – but better yet, Play-Doh for her friends. I found a Play-Doh Valentine Set at the grocery store for $7. It came with stickers and 20 mini Play-Dohs.

The perfect Valentine for a two-year-old!

PS – The parents were asked not to address Valentine’s this year so the teachers could have an easier time distributing the Valentines. I get it. But still … addressing a Valentine to your school crush or your best friend – isn’t that half the fun of it?

The Leisure Hat: Backyard Cruise Ship

While daddy mowed the lawn and Logan played with his ball, Kelsey and I sailed across the backyard. We went this way, that way, up and down. Not sure what we were searching for, but we were enjoying every moment out at sea. She is the cutest captain I know.

The Wellness Hat: Aren’t Vacations the Best?

A vacation – even if it more like a staycation –  revives your soul, doesn’t it? It does for me. Especially when you have your daughter and your husband in tow. We are really enjoying this cold, white stuff. What do ya’ll call it? Snow? Ryan and I haven’t seen snow in years, and for Kelsey bug, this is her first rodeo.

So, we decided yesterday it was time to make a snowman. Daddy had a shovel, Kelsey had a spoon. And together they built a snowman – well, they built the bottom half of him anyway. (I’ll take a photo once the snowman is complete. For, I think this may be a two-day job). Here are a few photos from our snowman building party.

The Family Hat: To the Cabin to Find Snow

We drove up north and found snow! Over 3 feet of snow to be exact. The winter weather at our family cabin is amazing. On our way to this relaxing retreat we stopped at the Bison Ranch and let Kelsey play in the snow – for the first time, might I add! Her dad was showing her the ropes – complete with a massive snowball toss into the street (I think all men are still young boys at heart).

 * i can’t wait to show you more photos of our winter weekend a little later. have a happy new year!

The Family Hat: Boo at the Zoo

You can tell it’s cooling off because we’re actually able to go outside. Last weekend, we found ourselves at the Zoo. Kelsey loved the giraffe (“long neck” – she would say) and the elephant. The cows were “okay”. The turtles were “slow”, but the monkeys – those excited her. There were pumpkins inside the exhibits for the “boo at the zoo” theme. Fun stuff, I tell you.


Taking a quick rest with Dad.

Do you see the slow poke in the back?

We’re so immature (or delirious from the sun) because we both stopped in our tracks, looked at each other and laughed when we spotted this gorilla statue and his … well, giant features.