Delivering a Massage to my Doorstep

While my kids run around like lunatics, I can grab my phone and book a much-needed massage. And then when the licensed massage therapists knocks on my door, I can hand the kids off to my husband and enjoy 60 minutes of me-time … all without having to leave the house!

I was recently introduced to Zeel Massage, which is an in-home on-demand message service. Through the Zeel app (think: Uber) you can book a licensed massage therapist to come to your house, set up a shop and give you a deep tissue, swedish, sports, or just-because massage!

zeel massage mom blogger

This would also make a great gift for Father’s Day. What man wouldn’t love a massage? Use promo code DAD25 to get $25 off a gift card of massage for him. Offer expires on 6/20/16. Check out more at

*This is a sponsored post but that’s really me booking and anxiously awaiting my massage.

Before she lost her first tooth

She attended her first dance! Her date was pretty awesome. It was a daddy/ daughter dance and everything about this night made me smile. Especially the part where I told Ryan to wear a suit and tie. “A suit? To an elementary school dance? No way. I’ll wear a button down,” he said. Suit yourself (no pun intended) I told him.

Let’s fast-forward about 20 minutes to when I heard the garage door opening and Ryan running upstairs. “You were right. Every dad was in a suit and tie except me. I’m going to change real fast.” I couldn’t help myself. “Told you so” just blurted out.

kelsey and ryan

Parenting Perks of Having a Girl

girls hair ties 6There are lots and lots of parenting perks to having a daughter (the conversations, the painting nail parties, the list goes on). One of my favorites lately? Getting to wear my little girls hair ties. Don’t tell! I can hear her now, “Moooooom. That’s mine!”

Donuts for Dad

mom blog bosa donuts

We promised Ry Guy donuts and we delivered! Just a few snaps from our morning run to the local donut shop. After the kids ate their donuts, they both wanted more. We’re teaching Kelsey about money so she went up and gave the cashier $2 for a $1.07 donut. When the lady gave her back .93 cents, she immediately ran to dad and said, “Look! I made money!” What can I say? She learns from the best.

mom blog bosa donuts

mom blog bosa donuts

donuts for dad

mom blog bosa donuts

Happy Father’s Day

To all those father’s out there, Happy Day!


My mom and I took my dad shopping yesterday to update his wardrobe (desperately needed) and last night I took Ryan to his favorite restaurant Los Dos Molinos! We spent the dinner talking about all of the things we are thankful for … including the ability to be a mother and father to the most wonderful kids in the world. At least, we think so.

Happy Father’s Day to this guy. The most wonderful man I know. He is the most involved dad and would do anything for us. I’m going to try to make sure his day is filled with a lot of silent moments, a mountain bike ride and sugary donuts. Enjoy your Sunday.

Sunny Summer Dayz

summer swim

Other parents always tell you that there is nothing better than sun and a little chlorine to make your child sleepy. What they don’t tell you is that knocks out a parent out too! Colton and I literally took a 3 hour nap yesterday after playing in the pool. Kelsey … not so much. Why is she never tired? Anyways, here’s a little peek into our Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness we have a pool! It was 102 degrees (ish) and not a cloud in the sky. This is what Arizona summers are all about!

Quote of the Moment

This quote can apply to so many things, can’t it? Babies, jobs, life, love, upcoming travel. There’s something about these few words that I love so much. Maybe it’s because I have a baby brewing now, or the fact that I am impatient and this reminds me to slow down. Whatever it is these few words made a big impact today.


Life, lately.

I haven’t blogged in so log that when I went to log in, I forgot my username and password! It wasn’t even in my cache because it has been that long since I even typed in the URL of my blog. Sad, but that’s life sometimes. You have to step back and focus on you. I’m fine, just battling some personal things. All good things, truly. And things I’ll happily blog about in a few, but not right now. Give me a few more weeks and I’ll spill the beans on what my deal has been.

That said, I just wanted to jump in here and say that Kelsey turns five on Monday! Five. Five. Five. Wasn’t she just born? And her birthday party is tomorrow which means this mom will be up all night scrambling to put goodie bags together. Should I even do those?

And then Colton … oh boy, that kid is growing before my eyes! He speaks so clearly and so well. Ryan jokes that he needs a brother because he keeps walking around in Kelsey’s pink slippers and loves watching The Little Mermaid with his sister. I just laugh, because isn’t that the truth about little brothers? They’ll do whatever big sister says.

So, that’s life right now. A lot of things happening, a lot of things on the horizon and more to share later. For now, I’m going to kick back and enjoy the fact that it’s Friday, I have a little girl to celebrate and the Grammy’s are on Sunday. Let the weekend begin!

(this blog doesn’t come with a picture because in all honesty, I haven’t picked up my camera in 5 weeks. Soon I’ll be normal again, promise)