What Wedding Dreams are Made Of

Last night, we attended the wedding of Andrea and Roy and it was truly picture perfect. The Arizona sky gave us clouds (amen!) and every detail was perfectly positioned to allow the bride to shine! Sam at Revel Wedding Co. did such an incredible job and you could see the love between these two. I couldn’t be happier that Andrea gets to spend her ever after with the man of her dreams. Congrats you two!


My handsome date and I waiting for the wedding. We were the first ones to arrive. A night out with kids? You don’t have to twist our arms.

Roy proposed to Andrea in Central Park – this was such a clever way for people to sign the guest book and commemorate this special day.

Sam, only the best wedding planner in Arizona! Check out Revel Wedding Co. to see all of her work.

These girls mean way too much for me to put into words. We all met in marketing at Starwood Hotels & Resorts and are forever friends. We have seen each other through so many professional (and personal) highs and lows and couldn’t imagine life without one another to lean on.

She’s seven months pregnant and glowing!!

That time your dress matched the invitations! Melissa and I purchased our dresses through Rent the Runway. Have you tried it? If not, give it a whirl – we had a great first experience.

Now, I’m off to play with my kids in the park and recover from a night out. We got home at 11:30pm! You guys, that might as well be 3am in parent time. A nap is in order!


A Brand is Born: REVEL Wedding Co.

I’m so excited to let you in on a project we’ve been working on for the past few months! Samantha Glascock is a luxury wedding planner in Scottsdale who coordinated my brother’s wedding in San Diego and my sister’s wedding in Phoenix. Samantha is such a talented wedding planner – but most importantly, she is honest, real, hilarious and makes every situation more fun just by being involved.

When Sam came to me asking if my marketing agency SEE IT SIDEWAYS would help her bring her vision to life it was a no-brainer to get involved. We worked through her brand positioning and helped design her a logo that reflected the dynamic brand that is REVEL. The script font is actually her handwriting that was turned into a font – which I just love because it exudes the distinct one-of-a-kind experience that you get when you work with REVEL.

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

Please check out RevelWeddingCo.com and let me know what you think. Photos courtesy of Elyse Hall and Andrea Jade and styled by Sam. I’m telling you, she’s a creative visionary and I’m so incredibly proud to know this girl.  Any brides out there? Email Sam directly here for information on her luxury wedding planning services.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming

When I ventured away from my job at Starwood Hotels to co-found a new marketing agency, I was terrified. I’m a creative person by nature and one of my fears was the work – what if the work wasn’t as sexy as the work I was doing for W Hotels and St. Regis.? Would I be happy if it wasn’t? These questions, amongst others, were replaying in the back of my head.

Fast-forward a few weeks and my work-life balance has never been more in sync. Not to mention, the clients that we’ve had the privilege of working with FUEL my creativity. They are amazing, talented, and so incredibly good at what they do for a living that when our talents collide, it’s pure magic. We didn’t start this agency for money. Or for ourselves. We started it out of a love for marketing. A joy we get when we are able to help a business navigate the digital landscape, to support a business need or reach customers in ways they didn’t think possible.

I chose our agency name SEE IT SIDEWAYS for the simple reason that sometimes all your business needs is for someone to see things differently. Sideways, if you will. As I sit here today, I have been reflecting on how liberating it is to get out of the corporate rat race and to enter my own kind of race. A race where I get to have breakfast with my kids every morning, without rushing them out the door to book it to work. A race where I love my clients. A race where every day I want to be a better marketer than the last.

What could be better?

These next few photos might not make a whole lot of sense to you, but they are photos I took from the past few days on the job. Photos of leisurely mornings home with the kids. Photos visiting clients. Photos of a mid-day coffee (alone!). Photos from brainstorming meetings with my partners and new clients. Photos that mean a lot to me because they represent an entirely new world for me. A world filled with possibility.

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

ruze cakehouse - many hats of a mom blogger

many hats of a mom blog - see it sideways marketing agency

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

LGO Arizona - Small

see it sideways marketing - many hats of a mom blogger

SEE IT SIDEWAYS - Many hats of a mom blog

The Wedding Day

bridal party

bridal party getting ready
wedding dress

Kelsey, Colton, Ryan and I snuck into the Presidential Suite the day of the wedding to get a good glimpse at the bride and to hang out while everyone was doing makeup and getting fancy. Colton was smitten with all the girls getting ready and Kelsey made herself at home with the 10 bridesmaids.

In fact, at one point I turned around to find Kelsey chatting with one of the bridesmaids on the couch. “What are you guys talking about?” I asked. Kelsey looked over at me and said, “Mom, we’re talking about Disneyland.” Of course.

Later that afternoon, my in-laws had the brilliant idea to take the kids  to the Westin Gaslamp to use their pool and to get them tired enough to take a nap on the wedding day. It worked! Colton and Kelsey swam, like the little fish they are, and then came back to the hotel and crashed for a 2 hour nap.

And that’s how fast the day flew by. Before I knew it, it was time for us to get ready. We kept calling Colton’s tuxedo “a costume” so he would be excited enough to wear it – I was preparing for a meltdown, but he did great. He jumped right into that tuxedo as if it really was a super hero costume. Phew. I have to tell you though, as we were getting ready, I had this out of body experience. Here’s what happened.

I was putting on Kelsey’s flower girl dress in the bathroom. I had just finished curling her hair, so I was slipping the flower girl dress over her head ever-so-slightly. As I finished tying the back of the bow on her dress, I zipped it up and she began to turn around to look at me. As she turned, she sort of twirled … and in very slow motion (it seemed) I saw her face.

She was smiling from ear to ear, looking down in awe of her dress. There she was. My daughter. My five-year-old beauty looking down on her ivory dress, so angelic. I lost it. I completely came apart because in that moment, I saw it. I saw her future. Her wedding day. There I was standing kneeling at my daughter’s feet, putting the finishing touches on her gown.

I couldn’t help it. The only thing that kept me from completely turning into putty was the fact that I had just put on my make up, eyelashes … the works. Suddenly, she napped me out of it, “Mom, are you crying?” Oops. Caught. But I just smiled and said, “Yes, darling. You look so beautiful.” One day she’ll do the same.

DSC06292 small

DSC06302 small

Kelsey and I left the bathroom only to find the next best sight I have ever seen. This. Ryan putting the finishing touches on Colton. I mean. My heart just sank back to the floor. He was so big in this moment. And yet, so incredibly small. He looked like a mini, pint-sized Ryan. He would look up at his dad, and then down at his bow tie, and back again. I literally tripped over suitcases and shoes to snap a photo. It was the best 30 minutes of the entire vacation; watching these two, so young, yet so grown up.

Colton in Tuxedo

DSC06284 small

san diego wedding kids

Wedding Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Can we say it was the best day? I mean, it started out like this and then just continued. The ceremony was really beautiful (I didn’t take any photos there because I was busy paying attention to all of the details). But, I will say this. The second they were ready to say their vows, Colton turns to me and says, “I have to go to the bathroom!” Ahhh … I looked toward my mother-in-law who quickly took him to do his business so I wouldn’t miss the vows. I’m telling you, my mother-in-law is a saint.

Here are some photos from the reception.

us grant - san diego wedding

san diego wedding reception

us grant - san diego wedding

The sweetheart table and the favors! The cookies were shaped like Texas and there was a little frosting heart over Austin – it’s where the bride & groom live. I ate three of these cookies. Shhh!

san diego wedding reception - first dance
At one point in the evening, Shaun came up to me and pointed to Sabrina dancing on the dance floor. With such endearment he said, “How beautiful does Sabrina look tonight?” To say this man was smitten with his new bride would be an understatement. We couldn’t agree more. She looked like she stepped out of a fairytale.

us grant - san diego wedding

us grant - san diego wedding

family san diego wedding

us grant hotel

family san diego wedding

san diego wedding at the us grant hotel

These three. My husband and my baby brothers. Love them all more than words in a blog could explain.

wedding day in san diego

san diego wedding

san diego wedding

And that’s a wrap! These two are now in Anguilla enjoying the time of their lives. We wish them a lifetime of happily ever after’s.

*Let’s take one last look at the GORGEOUS bride and that beautiful wedding dress!

gorgeous wedding dress

Sabrina & Shaun’s Rehearsal Dinner

the us grant hotel san diego wedding

In downtown San Diego, my parents hosted my brother and his wife’s Rehearsal Dinner. The Grant Grill at the US GRANT Hotel exceed our every expectation. I’m telling you, I have never – ever, ever, ever – had such wonderful service. And the food? Ryan said it was the “best halibut” he has ever had. And that’s a tall order coming from him. After a little rehearsal in their ballroom (how beautiful it was!) we headed down for dinner.

us grant san diego wedding

Rehearsal Dinner

*It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but check out Sabrina’s dress. It was a beautiful, silk-like white dress with a bow in the back. She got it from Bloomingdale’s. I’ll try to find out the brand.

At the rehearsal dinner, my kids were actually really well-behaved. Imagine that. Kelsey had so much fun playing with the other two flower girls that when we entered the restaurant she said, “Mom, I’m going to go sit with them.” And so she did. I was half insulted and half proud that she’s become so independent. Ryan, Colton, Grandma Betty and I grabbed a booth to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from dinner.

DSC06133 small

DSC06139 small

DSC06141 small

See that handsome boy in the middle? That’s Spencer, my baby brother. Shaun & Spence are 13 months apart (my parents are crazy) and during his best man speech the following night, it was the first time he genuinely stopped, paused and said, “I love you” to Shaun (I’m told “bros” don’t do that often). See what I mean! The entire weekend was torture for my pregnancy hormones. There were many moments like that one where my heart stood still.



The bride & groom! These two were glowing all weekend.

PS – As I type this blog post, I got a video from Shaun & Sabrina. It’s a “tour” of their hotel room in Anguilla, where they are for their honeymoon. It’s not a room though, it’s more like a 1,200 square foot house! It has 2 bathrooms, opens right to the ocean and looks like paradise. The Viceroy simply upgraded them upon arrival. How lucky are they? Ahhh … the honeymoon. Arguably, the BEST part of a wedding.

DSC06209 small

DSC06178 small

For the record, I thought I didn’t take any pictures. Then, I looked at my SIM card and realized I took 633 photos this weekend! Oh, my goodness. That’s a little embarrassing. Well, that’s all for now.

Getting ready for a wedding

san diego wedding

little boy tuxedo

Not just any wedding, my little brother’s wedding!!! I can’t handle my excitement. I feel like it was just yesterday that they got engaged, but nope – it’s been about one year and we are all ready to see these two walk down the aisle.

Kelsey is a flower girl and Colton will following right behind in a tuxedo!!! We took Colton to go buy his tuxedo last week and I honestly wasn’t sure how he would react. My assumption was that he would hate it. But it was just the opposite!

He put it on like a champ and then walked out – rather ran out – of the dressing room to show his big sister his new outfit. It was actually good insight before the wedding because he treated this like a costume; once it was on, he turned super hyper running around like a super hero. Yikes. We’ll have to tone that down before the Big Day. But … back to Colton and this little tuxedo. My heart is going to explode.

I also found my great-grandma’s white beaded evening purse that Kelsey will wear (pictured, above). How special is that? Between her looking like an angel, Colton and this bow tie, my husband in a suit, and my family all surrounded around my brother and his fiancé – it’s going to be the perfect day. I just know it! Let’s just hope I don’t go into labor. Ha. Joking. Kind of.

Austin engagement photos

From Designing Websites to Designer Dresses


One day you’re building websites for Starwood hotels and the next you are trying on wedding dresses. That’s how Dani and Allison’s day went yesterday. Together with a few of my co-workers, we visited a local bridal boutique to pull some looks for an upcoming wedding film we are doing for work.



Dani and Allison were both models for the day, they took one for the team and tried on dresses for us to choose from (I guess that’s the drawback to being a perfect sample size).


Dani was the lucky one and quickly found herself in a bridesmaid and a wedding dress. I don’t care how old you are, or how many years you have been married (or not), you always find yourself twirling around and acting like a princess while wearing a poufy dress. No seriously, Dani actually swirled around and said, “Hold on. (insert twirl) I’m having a bridal moment.”

I just love how girls will be girls, no matter what age.


Inner Circle Experience from I Do Films on Vimeo.

You may remember my recent trip to Miami – as seen here – at the Inner Circle Experience event. It was truly a remarkable conference filled with great luxury brands and speakers. I was honored to be able to attend on behalf of Starwood and the connections I made are invaluable. Enjoy this great video, produced by I Do Films.