Christmas Trees and Eskimo Kisses

We did it. We cut down our first Christmas tree. Let me rephrase that. Ryan and my father-in-law cut down our first Christmas tree. Kelsey and her cousin went with them and picked it out. I told Kelsey to look for a tree that was tall, was green, and was bushy. So she did!

Colton and I didn’t go with them because it was 30 degrees. To Colton that’s like a million below freezing so my mother-in-law and I stayed behind. Kelsey was so proud of this tree. It’s not as full as what I’m used to, but she was so proud of her selection that it made me so happy to display it.

We’re up for this adventure again next year. Only if Colton and I get to go.
.Christmas Winter gap baby christmas in winterOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAchristmas kidsEskimo kisses. Snow. These two go hand in hand.

Christmas christmas tree Christmas Tree Forest

And they’re off! The hunt for the perfect tree begins.
 .Christmas Tree Forest Christmas Tree ForestFound it! Merry Christmas.