Curious Colton and his Elsa doll

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family blog

Real Men like Frozen

Whenever I get back from a work trip, I like to just stare at my kids in the morning. I just admire their curiosity so much. I also love the way they look, touch and feel. They are the cuddliest little kids I ever did see. And they are all mine! I don’t get much time to admire them because as soon as we’re up Ryan makes us all breakfast and then we’re out the door to swim class, gym class and a day full of errands.

This weekend my aunt and Nana are in town so we’re having fun spending every evening with them. Plus, they bring toys when they come into town so these kids are getting more than their fair share of books, train stations, cars, and clothes. Colton’s favorite toy so far is still Kelsey’s Elsa doll. He walks around the house saying, “Elsa. Elsa.” when he can’t find her. I think he has a crush on her.