Downtown Denver Dining

File this restaurant recommendation away for the next time you find yourself in downtown Denver. It’s a restaurant that you’ll want to visit.

A few weeks ago, my colleague and I had a meeting with the Westin Denver Downtown’s executive team. We arrived one day early so we could see what downtown Denver had to offer. We must look like we’re from the 70’s because as we were walking through downtown people kept shouting, “Hey, you in town for the Cher concert?” Um … no?

Besides the ‘friendly people’ we were pleasantly taken back by the charm of downtown. Boutiques, shops and cafes all around. The streets were lined with the same kind of outdoor light bulbs that you’d expect on a cute southern patio. Charming and really set the mood for a good evening.

My friend Meghan recommended a great downtown Denver restaurant to try, and one that was in walking distance of the Westin. So, Nancy and I walked into Osteria Marco. Well, not before I nearly walked into Ocean Prime. Osteria/ Ocean … you could easily mix them up too, no?

Dinner was perfect. Perfect food. Perfect service. Perfect atmosphere. If you find yourself in Denver, check out Osteria Marco. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and there’s a super cute bakery/ market next door where we stopped in for some desserts while we waited for our table.

Two foodie thumbs up, Denver.

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