Early bird gets the best beach spot!

pacific beach - san diego with kids

Friday morning we woke up super early – let me rephrase that – the kids woke up super early, so we packed up and headed out to breakfast. My dad’s favorite breakfast spot in San Diego is called World Famous in Pacific Beach. It’s right on the water and has great breakfast. So, with a reservation for 12 people at 8am, we found ourselves oceanside with our crew.

world famous san diego

How did we manage to get my two brothers up this early for breakfast? They were still on Austin time (2 hours ahead). My sister-in-law though … she drove down from Los Angeles at 5am. I’m telling you … our family is either pretty dedicated and amazing or we all just share a love for food. Either way, the gang’s all here!

san diego breakfast - world famous restaurant

san diego beach breakfast

san diego beach breakfast

pacific beach san diego

After the kids were done eating, my mother-in-law took them to run up and down the boardwalk so Ryan and I could eat our breakfast (God bless her). A few mimosas later (for Spencer) we headed out to the beach all together to play in sand and get the kiddos all tuckered out so they would take naps (isn’t that the daily goal of a parent?).

It was Colton’s very first time seeing the water! That was priceless. On the way over, Kelsey said to him, “Colton, the sand in your toes feels really good when the water runs over it. It kind of feels like kinetic sand.” This girl, I swear.

my beach boys
Our beach boys setting up camp. Shaun, Spencer, Matt, Ryan and a giant diaper bag. Ugh. The diaper bag. I swear, I feel like I’m never going to be able to get rid of that thing.

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Colton loved the beach! He stared at it at first, but once he saw his half-mermaid sister jump right in, he did the same. He would run out to the water, let the waves crash into his feet, and then he would run back to me. I could have watched him do this for hours. It was only a matter of time before he took his shirt off and really dove in.

san diego with kids mom blog

san diego with kids mom blog

Ryan was the best with Kelsey. He got into the waves with her as they searched for seaweed, jumped over waves and – most importantly – kept me calm. I swear, I think I said, “Oooh, watch out! That’s too far. Come back. Be careful. Need me?” like a thousand times. I’m super annoying around open water.

pacific beach with kids

pacific beach with kids

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pacific beach with kids

San Diego with Kids

san diego with kids mom blogger

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See the bump? That’s baby Nolan. It was his first time at the beach too! It’s surreal to think that this is our last vacation before we become a family of five. Five! Yes, we are insane. You can say it.

san diego beach with kids

pacifc beach mom blogger

This is probably one of my favorite photos of our entire vacation. Colton was so tuckered out and yet – he really wanted dad to hold him. Even though Ryan was knee-deep in the waves with Kelsey, he carried Colton the entire time so he didn’t feel left out of the party. This husband of mine is everything. I couldn’t do life, parenting or even survive without him.

Thanks for the memories, Pacific Beach. It was a day I’ll never forget.