Evening Walks in our New Hood

One of the main reasons we moved was because our old house was set against a bit of a busy road. The street in front of our house was one of those streets that people would use to cut through neighborhoods. Typically, going a bit over the normal 25 MPH. We would go on evening walks and I would have to bite my tongue from yelling at cars driving by (so fast!). It made me nervous to think my kids would learn to ride a bike on a street like that.

We moved into a gated area at the base of a mountain and it’s so incredibly quiet! We just went on a walk/ bike ride / scooter / wagon (three kids all want different methods of transportation) and we didn’t see a single car! I’m still a bit of a nervous Nelly though seeing these kids on their bikes. Ryan has to keep reminding me that they are kids and it’s okay if they are riding their bikes more than an arms reach from me. ha. I can’t help it though. There’s something about being a mom that makes you want to always surround your kids, as if you are their protective bubble that will keep them from harm.

I realize they are getting older and letting them go is part of the gig, but for now, allowing them to ride their bike as far as the mailbox is a big step for me. ha. Here are a few pictures from our winter walk. Aren’t the desert flowers beautiful?

We wear Santa hats, helmets and carry giant sticks when we hike. You too?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you know this face very well. It’s Kelsey’s resting face and I love it. Such a sassy one.