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Unshakable Faith

I always get excited to go to church, but this Sunday brought extra excitement. Thanks to the team at Cornerstone Church, we were able to hear the testimony of Sean Lowe. I geeked out just a little bit and had my entire family arrive at 7:45am so we could get great seats. When we arrived, there were red roses everywhere (appropriately so) and a lot of new faces. I truly had no idea what to expect.

Our pastor, Lynn, interviewed Sean about The Bachelor reality show, his spiritual journey and his faith in Jesus Christ. Sean talked a lot about the show – how it was, how it wasn’t and how it all came to be. He talked about his experience on The Bachelorette and how he would step outside of the Bachelorette mansion every morning to read a daily devotional. Some of the other contestants on the show learned about Jesus through him (how cool is that?) and recently one of those men (my guess is Arie Luyendyk) came to know Christ.

I commend this guy so much. It’s not easy to speak in front of a room filled with strangers and tell your personal, spiritual story – let alone to be so open and transparent about the mistakes you made along the way. Hearing Sean talk to us about how he navigates life’s struggles, hurdles and temptations (with such an unshakable confidence in his faith) was very inspiring to hear.

I was invited to meet Sean and Catherine after the service. I wanted so badly to tell Sean how great he did, ask Catherine where she got her cute skirt, and take a peek at the bling on her finger … but instead, my friend Jamie and I digressed into giddy 13 year-old girls and tried to act cool and calm … you know, the way you act when you meet reality stars at 8:45 in the morning. My face says it all. I was super awkward and way too excited to meet this pair but so thankful I did.

Thank you Cornerstone Church, the Lowe’s and my family for waking up early to talk about life, love and Jesus Christ.