Finding your happy place

I have no idea where your happy place is, but I’m sure it’s somewhere fabulous. Maybe it’s your parents house during the holidays, or a beachside hammock in Hawaii, or simply at the bottom of a great glass of Merlot and a good book … wherever your happy place is, I hope you go there often. For me, it’s our family cabin in the mountains. It takes us about 4 hours and two screaming kids to get there, but once we are there … every moment turns into a happy one. We just returned from the cabin, here are some photos of our trip.


This bubble maker is a cabin staple item. It’s supposed to be Colton’s favorite thing (and my last resort when I can’t get him to stop throwing a tantrum). Whenever Colton sees this bubble maker he starts freaking out in excitement, “Bubbles. Bubbles. My bubbles. Bubbles!” Then, of course, when I brought him up to the bubble maker, he just stood there frozen with his eyes wide open.



G-ma bought Kelsey this cool game of Hello Kitty. It’s basically these suction cup kittens that stick to each page, creating a new scene. She would empty her water bottle ever so carefully onto each Hello Kitty piece to create the perfect suction, and then place it ever so gently on the page. Such a meticulous one, this child is. She gets that patience and keen attention to detail from her father.



Who knew the doorbell would be such a hit. Colton would run outside and say, “Button!” and then run around the cabin to the front door. He can finally reach the doorbell now (all 37 1/2 inches of him!) and then he would knock on the door and continuously ring the doorbell until his sister answered. This was a fun game that drove everyone inside mad.

family vacation

family vacation

family vacation
We were on the swings a lot. Colton isn’t super excited in this moment because he wanted his dad to push him and not me (I’ve been demoted to someone who can only watch). And then little Kelsey Jean would only go slow (she haaaaates a fast swing ride, always has) so I was forced into taking their photos. Ha. Jokes on them.

Ryan bought me a new camera lens, so he was being a good sport while I practiced taking close ups of him. This is also one of the last pictures you’ll see with his beard. He shaved it last night. I think he looks handsome both ways, but I was kind of excited he shaved it. I like seeing his entire face. And that thing poked my nose every time I went in for a smooch.

pinetop kelsey

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend also joined us for the weekend (which was amazing to get to know him better and see her, since she lives in California). We went on a great hike while G-Ma hung out with the kiddos. I’m telling you, when you can build babysitting into your vacation, then you’ve got it made. More photos on that hike coming soon.