Happy 1st Birthday, Nolan!

My youngest son, Nolan Ryan turns one today! I can’t believe it has already been one year. This time last year, I was in the hospital getting ready to welcome the third addition to our family. A healthy (and huge!) baby boy.

Nolan is truly the kindest, gentlest child. The kids call him “nugget” and somewhere along the way, Colton started calling him “Justin.” Who knows why. Nolan is so easy going, has 10 teeth (wow!) and just started walking all over the place.

We never had to baby proof the house with the other two kids and yet Nolan is into everything. The toilet. The cabinets. The stairs. He’s all over. He is a tough little dude with no fear. Even though he’s sweet and kind, and totally easy going, if you take something away from him he’ll scream in the same high octave that his brother Colton can reach. It’s ear piercing and lets you know to back off immediately.

He is my little man and together we have made some of the best memories. I am truly going to miss the baby stage. The long nights waking up with him and soothing him back to bed. The cradling in my arms.  The snuggles at night. His first steps. His first tooth. His first sounds. ButI know that we have so much to look forward to!

We can’t wait to see your personality evolve, buddy and to get to know you even more. You are the light of our life and mean so much to each person in this family. This time last year, we were all waiting for you and so thankful for your arrival. Your brother and sister adore you so much and your dad and I love seeing you all together. Happy first birthday, Nolan. You have our love, forever and ever and ever.

many hats of a mom blogger

many hats of a mom blogger

many hats of a mom blogger