Holiday Family Photos – Finding Fashion

It’s holiday family photo time! Trying to coordinate four outfits (including two little people) is so difficult!!!! I spent 4 hours shopping around town looking for just the right outfits. Then (in true man fashion) my husband wakes up on Saturday morning (picture day) and decides to care about his shirt. “Um … I’m not sure my shirt matches,” he said. Really? Where have you been for the last 8 days when I was stressing out over this.

So, naturally I was making a last-minute trip to Banana Republic and found this red/ blue shirt (which I love so much, so I’m glad he chimed in). After looking at his shirt, I realized no one else was wearing red. This could be an issue, I thought. (If you know me, you know I stress about little details that probably don’t matter to anyone else).

So, I randomly grabbed a shawl from my closet and draped it on me. We are renovating our house, so I don’t a full length mirror. Instead, I turned to my husband and asked, “Does this match?” To which I got a half interested nod. We were good to go.

Then, on our way to the photo shoot my husband (again, so timely with his feedback) says, “Did you know we don’t have shoes for Colton.” Right! Shoes. Duh. I totally forgot about that, so we made a U-turn and popped into Marshall’s where we found Tommy Hilfiger loafers. Oh, how I loooove little boy shoes (more on that later).

We finally made it. Phew. And thankfully we worked with one of the best photographers in the Valley and shot at a location that had such amazing architecture. Here’s a peek into some of my most favorite shots.

Oh, and by the way, I wanted SO BADLY to put our chocolate lab in the photo. But I learned my lesson last year: Getting your children to sit still is hard enough, throw a dog in there? You might as well forget about it. At least until the kids are grown. Or until next year. Oooo … that gives me a great idea for next year. Okay. I’ll stop now.

Family Holiday Photos

Family Holiday Photos

Family Holiday PhotosFamily Holiday PhotosYou’ve got to click on this one to enlarge it. It’s one of my favorites!!! They are holding hands. My heart just melted when I saw this.

Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos

Don’t you all just love holiday season? The decorations ,the candles, the music, the sweaters! I just love it all. PS – Mom, Pam, Rob I’m getting the jpegs over to you for printing soon. xo