How do you have time to blog?

I get that a lot. And truly, I just want to say … that I love this blog because it provides me with an escape. An escape from the overwhelming pressure to succeed at work and from the negativity of the world.

I get to retreat to my little corner of the internet and post silly stories and photos of my kids and family. Maybe every once in a while I’ll make you laugh. Or cry. Or think ‘whoah that girl has a crazy life’. But all in all … I find time to do it because it’s fun.

I’m curious … why do you blog? Business? Pleasure? And how do you find time to do it? By the way, I want this bloggers’ hair. That is all.

fashion blogger


2 thoughts on “How do you have time to blog?

  1. Hahaha. I like her hair too! It is tough. When the twins were young I used to blog on my phone while nursing! Then when they got older I would stay up to the wee hours of the morning to do it after all the kids had gone to bed. Now, I mostly do it at work (hee hee) on my breaks. I blog because I LOVE it. It helps me collect my thoughts, and gain the wisdom of others, and it also gives me type of online diary. I don’t have any mommy friends, but the ladies in the blogging community have been so good to me. My only hope for my blogs is to educate and enlighten others with some of wisdom I have learned as a working mom of three including twins.