If you love interior design, you’ll love this.

If you love interior design and you love being inspired, then you will love House & Host. It’s a new site developed by a friend of mine. She’s fantastic! The real deal. Fun, laid back, stylish, smart, passionate, inspiring. And she’s adding interior designer to her already established resume.

I was at her downtown Chicago condo in July for a work event. I think I stood in awe at nearly every point in her house. It’s that perfect. This is the kind of house you only see in the magazines. I think my favorite part of the house is the fact that it’s personal. Every niknak that she puts on display comes with a story. I just love that.

She’s a self-proclaimed obsessor (that’s not a word, is it?) of gallery walls. When you see her home photos, then you’ll see what I mean. But each wall is dressed so differently. Like the photo below. Who thinks of that? It’s smart and so tastefully done. Notice the different pictures? Everyone of them has a story. It’s what makes the wall that much more personal. And, it’s a great talking point when you’re hosting guests.

Take a peek at photos of her Chicago house. Pop Sugar just featured her house on their website so you’ll be able to see all the photos here. Get ready to be inspired!

ann ueno

Photo of Ann Ueno kindly taken from HouseandHost.com.

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