It’s my due date!

Which doesn’t really mean much in the Cross household, as both of my other kids were late. But, I will tell you how much fun I’m going to have today. Finally  (finally, finally, finally!) I can get back at all of the strangers who said inappropriate, rude or just plain strange comments to me during my pregnancy.

For today, when they ask me, “When are you due?” I get to say, “TODAY!” and watch as their eyebrows raise and they immediately take two steps backwards. That’s right cashier at Nordstrom Rack who tried to “guess my due date” in front of everyone, I am going to pop during your shift.  And for you, lady in the snack aisle at Target, who asked if I was having twins, my water might just break all over your shoes. And for that reason alone, today is going to be a very good day. #payback


One of my favorite pictures of Nolan and I on Fourth of July.