Kelsey Graduates Pre-K


I cried. I did. Although, I didn’t cry at her graduation, but rather on my way home from work yesterday, just thinking about her graduation. She’s getting so big, so quick and I am overwhelmed with pride when I think of all she has learned and done in her 5 years.

Graduation 2

That … and the fact that her teachers gave me this print out where she said she wants to be “mommy” when she grows up. Is there a better reward than that? This girl is so incredibly bright. So smart! She is going to run laps around me. PS – Look at all of her favorite colors. Ha. I think you’re just supposed to pick one, but whatever.

Graduation 3

Graduation 4

Seeing Colton watch with such endearment as his big sister got her diploma made my heart melt even more. And seeing him take flowers up to her as she performed on stage was the best. Even though parenting is tough work (many sleepless nights) you get moments like this where you think, we must be doing something right.