Kelsey’s 8th Birthday Party + Peter Rabbit Movie

Kelsey turned eight! It’s always nice when your birthday falls on a Friday, especially for kids. She went to the daddy daughter dance with Ryan and then came home to ice cream cake with her brothers and I. On Sunday, we took nine kids to the movies! Eight of her friends and her little brother, Colton. We went out for pizza first and then we were off to see Peter Rabbit (such an adorable kids movie!).

I say this every year, but where is the time going? When she was little I remember looking to Ryan and wondering what she would be like when she grew up. What would her voice sound like? Who would she look like? What would her personality be like? She is truly one of a kind. She is playing piano, loves to read (I mean LOVES to read), she’s athletic, smart, kind and has so many friends. She gives her mom more attitude than she gives dad, but that’s to be expected. She is my daughter, after all. ha.

She’s incredible. I am blessed beyond words to be her mother.