Kelsey’s Digital Photography Debut

vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog“Mom. I’m getting good at this. I’m going to start bringing my camera everywhere I go, just like you do.” Can you tell that we’re related? I suppose I do take my camera along for the ride at every chance I get.

vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog“See, Mom! Do you like it?” Lately, Kelsey takes her Vtech camera everywhere that we go! We were at Ikea this weekend. And so was the camera. I was getting ready. There was the camera. We were playing outside, yep there was the camera. Ryan and I were kind of surprised she knew what to do.


She reviews every photo she takes, to make sure she’s satisfied with the way it looks, and to show off the photo with such pride. You should have seen her yesterday. She was taking pictures of stationary objects, but she would move them around until they were in a position that she liked. She did this with a chair, a ball and even took this artistic upward shot of the umbrella.

vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog

vtech kids camera -many hats of a mom blog
Then, the inevitable happened. Colton saw how much fun she was having with this pink little “toy” so he took it from her. In her sweetest voice she kindly asked for it back. “Colton, can sissy have back her camera, please. Please, Colton can I have that back now?” The sweet talk didn’t work but it was pretty cute to watch.

This camera actually takes digital images that you can download to your computer with a USB port. It even has it’s own version of “photoshop” built into the camera so if she wanted to, she can add frames and shapes to her pictures. Here are some of Kelsey’s pictures from the weekend. And yes, she really took a picture of herself. I’m telling you, they watch everything you do.

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