Kelsey’s “Spooky House”

Yesterday, Kelsey and I decorated the entire house for Halloween. We put up pumpkins, ghosts and fall candles. Then, she started to dig into our box of decorations reserved for the front yard (that’s all Ryan’s doing). Instead of helping Ryan in the front, she took out the decorations and started decorating her backyard playhouse.

Who was I to stop her? She kept singing, “I’m making a spooky house. Making a spooky house …” She was so excited and I was kind of impressed by her creativity. Well … this morning, the holiday Grinch (Ryan) came downstairs and tore down her spooky house! It’s 7am, mind you.

He says he “needs more space to seed the grass.” Rude! What a holiday buzz kill. I have a feeling that Kelsey and I will be at Michael’s today buying more decorations specific to her backyard house. And Mr. have-to-seed-the-grass-at-7am won’t be allowed to touch them.

In the meantime, how cute was her house?
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