Little Mr. Silly Guy

Colton, you are the funniest person I know. You make me laugh in the most unexpected ways. Like this afternoon. You and I were hanging out while Dad and your sister went out to lunch. It was your nap time, but you refused to go upstairs and into your room. Instead, you wanted to play outside.

What was so ironic about this entire hour was the fact that you grabbed a patio chair cushion and carried it around, then set it down, then laid on top of it and pretended to sleep. You did this over and over, many times, taking your pillow to different parts of the patio. I sat there, watching you, laughing.

You do the funniest things. You know it too. Because you kept looking my way, giving me a little smerk. You know what you’re up to, don’t you kiddo? You just love giving mom a run for her money. I love that about you. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor or adventure. And don’t ever stop making the girls laugh – it’s like food for our soul.

Love you forever and always,

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