Michael Buble: Comedy and a Concert

We had such a great time last night at the Michael Bublé concert. If you’re a hopeless romantic who likes old school charm combined with modern-day rock, this is your show! To our surprise, Michael was hilarious! He told stories, joked with the audience and showed his personality.

He really put on a fun and interactive show where we both walked away impressed. Love shows like that. While sitting at the bar prior to the show, Ryan and I had some time to talk (sans kids so this means really talk). We uncovered a fun little fact: I have seen as many concerts this year as I have seen movies in the theater: two. I can’t tell if that’s cool or sad.

Michael Buble Tour

Michael Buble TourA little light show courtesy of people’s lighters. Ahem, iPhone flashlights.
.Michael Buble Tour

All you need is love. Da-da-da-da-da. All you need is love. During this song hundreds – no thousands – of red and white, paper hearts fell from the ceiling. I caught one for Colton and Ryan caught one to take home to Kelsey.
.Michael Buble Tour Michael Buble TourMost people think I dragged Ryan kicking and screaming to this concert as payback for him taking me to this metal concert. Truth is, he really wanted to go. Ryan loves all kinds of music. Well, except Britney Spears.
.Michael Buble TourTrue story: I bought these tickets way back in June and for some reason I thought the show was November 29th. It wasn’t until last Monday (4 days before the show) that my dad casually said, “Steph, I think the concert is this Friday (November 22nd).”

“Psh. Dad, you have no clue. It’s next Friday,” I said. “Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s this Friday,” he replied. He was right. And thank goodness he randomly said that! Could you imagine? I get all dressed up, go downtown only to find out the concert was a week before. I would have cried.

Thankfully, we made it. Go check him out. Michael Bublé Tour Dates >