Montelucia Sunday Brunch

We celebrated my mom’s special day (mother’s day) one week early with a brunch at Montelucia. I brought some bubbles to bribe the kids with if they sat through brunch (it worked!). Colton ate his fair share of the buffet and Kelsey helped me pile on the capers with my breakfast (I can’t get enough of those things).

scottsdale brunch

brunch and babies

sunday scottsdale brunch

We celebrated Grandma too – she’s the ultimate mom. If not for her, this entire crazy crew wouldn’t be here. And on the right, those are comics my dad brought along. Since I can remember, he’s been cutting out comics from the Sunday paper that he finds funny (and relevant) and he gives them to us, or puts them up on his refrigerator. It’s nice to know some things never change.

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montelucia sunday

The pool was just too tempting. We stuck our feet in and hung out awhile. We wading in the pool until I was too hot to move. Colton wanted to walk back and forth on the steps about a gazillion times. It made me think – I’m definitely booking a summer staycation by the pool. If I didn’t have my iPhone in my pocket, I might have just ‘fallen’ in the pool when no one was looking – it looked that relaxing.

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montelucia resort

I know I say this a lot, but jeez – those two up there are just heaven in my life. She loves him so much and it’s so amazing to watch their relationship grow. I couldn’t do life without these two making me laugh and smile every single day.

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Look at Colton’s cheeks! This kid loves bubbles. He was doing this until he was red in the face. Then he started pouting because “the bubbles didn’t work anymore.” Also see: He spilled all the bubble solution on his shoes. It’s tough being two.

Happy Sunday!