Mouth Watering Deliciousness

I can’t tell you how much I long for a stove! I have been staring at a hole in the wall for 3 weeks now (kitchen renovation). No stove. No dishwasher. We just got our sink and refrigerator though. And the rest is being delivered tomorrow. So we’re told.

I just jumped on Pinterest and was salivating over all of the great homemade dishes. Since we have eaten restaurant food for 2.5 weeks (we took a timeout for Thanksgiving, obviously), I really want to cook something. I want my house to smell like real food and not pizza boxes.

Oh, how I long to make something like this. Darn you, Pinterest this looks so good! All in good time … maybe it will be the first thing I make in my new kitchen. Eek. I can’t wait!

Hot Caprese Dip (image and recipe here)