Museo Nacional de Antropología

Mexico city museum

Everyone said, “You’ve got to see the museums in Mexico!” So, we went. Now, I’ve never been one to love walking around looking at artifacts in a museum (just ask my family about when I was younger) but it was still amazing to hear about the rich history and to see all of the ancient pieces. Did you know this museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of archaeological artifacts from pre-Hispanic civilizations. Yep. Pretty cool to see.

The best part of the museum? The company. Our team split into thirds and went on private tours. Our tour guide was Nachi (as I write this, I’m not even sure if that is his name, but we’ll just assume it is) and he was hilarious. He kept us all in line … literally. Nachi also made sure to tell us about every. single. artifact. For two hours! As he was talking, he would slip in something totally random here and there that made you scratch your head. Like when he was talking about an old home and then somehow started talking about his hair and how its “a permanent and its real.” Why, thank you sir.

I may have wanted to throw an adult tantrum half way through the tour, only because it was sooooo long, but it’s all good. We had some great laughs and learned more about the culture that makes up Mexico. Plus, we had some downtime to just hang out and chat outside prior to it raining. Fun fact: I am from Arizona and rarely get to use my umbrella. It started to sprinkle and so in all of my excitement I grabbed my umbrella only to find it had three large holes in it. Lovely. The girls from Chicago looked at me like I was crazy for keeping it. But hey, it never rains in Arizona, guys!

mexico city museum

mexico city museum