My Fit Foods – Here we go!

My brothers rave about My Fit Foods. They live in Austin and swear it helps you maintain healthy eating habits. So, Ryan and I popped into our nearest store and checked it out. We drank the Kool-Aid and now we are hooked. We aren’t going to do their 21 day challenge (hello … $600 – $700) but instead we are buying their lunches and dinners for 21 days and making our breakfast and snacks at home.

So far, so great! I’ve lost 2lbs in 4 days and we both feel so much lighter. 90% of their products are gluten-free and all of it is healthy and fresh (never frozen). I sound like I work for them or something … I’m just really happy that it’s working and we’re feeling better.

Right now we’re using it like a grocery store – picking out our foods every three days and bringing it home. I’m eating the ‘small’ portions and Ryan is eating the ‘medium’. You heat up the food for about 1 to 2 minutes and it’s already seasoned and spiced up for you – and it is truly is delicious. The best part? It’s been a huge time saver in the kitchen.

Ryan and I are done with our self-made ‘challenge’ on January 16 (his birthday). I’ll send you  more honest feedback along the way and yes – two days into this challenge I was starving! But, I’m doing better now.

My Fit Foods - restaurant

my fit foods -snackMy fit foods - roasted veggies

My fit foods - lunchesMy fit foods - tacos My Fit Food images sourced via Pinterest.